Most Talked About Events on Social Media in 2019 (Part 1)

2019 has been a very eventful year, with several hilarious, strange, disturbing and controversial episodes taking place. Trust Social media to be at the centre of it all as it has gradually become the All Seeing Eye (main reason for the social media bill). So, as the year nears its end we have curated some of the biggest and hottest talking points that went viral on social media. Enjoy

1.Naira Marley’s arrest

Following series of confrontations between Naira Marley, Simi and Ruggedman on social media over rationale behind internet fraud, Naira Marley along with Zlatan Ibile and two other guys were picked up by the EFCC on allegations or internet fraud. After initial questioning and investigation, Zlatan Ibile was released but Naira Marley was kept following incriminating discoveries on his laptop.

This episode sent social media into an uproar with opinions divided. Several people commended the EFCC for the arrest while others, especially his fans condemned the arrest and sought for Naira Marley immediate release. Naira Marley was eventually released on bail after pleading not guilty during his court hearing. However, the case remains pending.

2. Invictus Obi’s arrest

Twitter was sent into a frenzy when popular entrepreneur and public speaker, Obinwanne Okeke, popularly known as Invictus Obi, was arrested at the Dulles International Airport by the FBI on allegations bordering on “conspiracy to commit computer fraud” and “conspiracy to commit wire fraud”. This came as a huge surprise because Invictus Obi had for a long time portrayed himself as a business man and entrepreneur, featuring on Forbes 30 Under 30 and giving talks on platforms like TEDx. Following his arrest, the FBI released a list contain the names of 77 Nigerians indicted for cyber fraud.

3. Xenophobia

On September 2, news spread all across the world about Nigerians being attacked in South Africa, the attacks involved raiding of shops, destruction of properties as well as physical assault. This led to an outrage all over social media,  criticisms and out bursts poured out from every angle, leading to several confrontations between Nigerians and South Africans online, most notably between Burna Boy and AKA.

4. Glory Osei

In October, twitter was treated to yet another juicy scandal when popular entrepreneur, Gloria Osei and her husband, Muyiwa Folorunsho, were out by a twitter user for running a fraudulent company and maltreating their employees. The twitter user went on to reveal her experiences while working at the company as well as the alleged fraud that went on. Twitter was quick to pick up on the story throughout the day Glory Osei trended, as the dragging was endless.

After going under the radar for a month, Glory Osei returned to twitter with a record breaking thread of over 180 tweets that contained some kind of explanation, Read the summary here. The thread did not do her any favours as twitter came for her again with several hilarious tweets.

5. Social media bill

This has been an ongoing topic on social media for the most part of the year, the government has remained resolute on desperate clamping down on all forms of criticisms on social media, and social media is not having it. Both influencers and regular users have aired their displeasure on the archaic and despotic rule which clearly infringes on our fundamental human rights. Since the bill has passed the second reading, there are no signs of conversations cooling down as the fight against the highly unnecessary law continues.

6. Pamilerin vs Peruzzi

Early this year, DMW artist, Peruzzi, was alleged to have slapped popular social media influencer Pamilerin over a couple of tweets the latter made months back. The incident sparked major social media frenzy, as twitter went haywire. Several known personalities drummed their support for Pamilerin, some others justified Peruzzi’s action, while the rest reveled in banter, with several hilarious tweets. The incident was eventually settled without more drama, and the two have apparently became friends.

7. Tinubu bullion van

On the eve of the 2019 general elections, social media went into frenzy over pictures of bullion vans, supposedly filled with money entering the residence of former governor and political godfather Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

8. 2019 General Elections

The 2019 general elections was billed as one of the most tightly contested elections in Nigeria with Buhari and Atiku vying for the presidency. The drama began when the elections were postponed by a week despite INEC having four years to prepare for it. When the election finally came, there were reports of violence, electoral malpractices, inadequate or faulty materials and so on. Social media was of course at the heart of everything as updates came by the minute and no news or incident could be missed as long as you are online.

9. Senator Abbo

In June, CCTV footage of Adamawa North senator Elisha Abbo, slapping and brutalizing a young woman in an Abuja sex toy store was released online. The video footage quickly went viral on social media, particularly twitter and outrage poured aplenty. Despite the outrage and calls for disciplinary actions, Senator Abbo was let off the hook with no repercussions. Fast forward to November, and Senator Abbo is a strong supporter of the anti-social media bill, no coincidence there.

10. BBNaija

BBNaija has been a hot topic both during and after the show, and social media has been a part of the entire dram from the onset. Apart from the organic talking points from the show, social media was, and is still being used as a tool for the housemates. During the show, it was used to canvas for votes and after the show, social media is being used in a strange popularity contests and it doesn’t look like its slowing down any time soon.

To be continued…

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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