4 Unnecessary Items People Keep Just to Look Sophisticated

We often try so hard to look sophisticated, so mush so that we result to doing unnecessary things that we won’t normally do. These things my make us look sophisticated and elevate our personalities in the eyes of others, but are they really necessary?

From buying the most random items to adorning our spaces with things we know nothing about, here are four unnecessary things people keep around themselves to look sophisticated.


These days everyone all of a sudden loves art and have become some kind of aficionado. Most people who litter their houses and offices with art pieces do it for their beauty and a bit of sophistication that it adds to their person rather than a true understanding of the piece and its meaning or significance.

Inspirational quotes

Have you ever walked into some offices and on every corner, you find frames of inspirational quotes from Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr, Darth Vader, Winston Churchill, Tyrion Lanister, and so on, littered. For some, these quotes might mean something, but if we are being honest, for the majority, they’re just there to add to the aesthetics of the room or to appear serious minded, and the fact that when we see them we become impressed, and feel like we’re at the right place, means it’s definitely worth it.

Self-care tools

Health is wealth, but is your table not too clustered for that hand grip exercise equipment that almost do not use because of your busy schedule. Let your fitness or health consciousness show in the way you look and not by what is on your desk.

Personality objects

There is nothing wrong in having an object that is of sentimental value like a personalised mug , or that in some way describes your personality, but what is a statue of Buddha doing on your desk when you know absolutely nothing about it.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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