Summary of Glory Osei’s come back thread

After being dragged on twitter on allegations of fraud and ill treatment of her staff, self acclaimed serial entrepreneur, Glory Osei, has finally returned with a very uncomfortable and lengthy response. The response was put together in a thread of over 180 tweets and not everybody will have the patience to read it, so we have summarised it all, highlighting every key point. Enjoy.

  • This was supposed to be a book
  • Apparently her October dragging was premeditated and planned by all of us
  • She reminded us that we are poor, unhappy, don’t have light and SARS is still a menace (good point)
  • Confirms her marriage but notes that we are not worth of her love story
  • Blah blah blah about how she and hers started their business and their struggles.
  • Something about Ebola
  • She and hers ran to Ghana to escape Ebola leaving the business to their staff, who wrecked it.
  • She supports Buhari’s view that we are all Lazy Nigerian youths
  • Endless blame on the staff
  • Oh we’re actually getting that book, hallelujah
  • She pioneered the sale of waste trainers in Nigeria
  • She and her husband are not into the idea of marriage but oh well
  • If you were mad cause she’s married “FUCK ALL OF YOU”
  • Justifies fraud and calls it capitalism
  • Knew slimtea didn’t work but the money was too good
  • Happy she sold sham slim tea because it’s not as bad as Jay z who sold drugs; moreover, she probably made more money than Jay z
  • Strong words on LandLagos
  • Blamed her staff for not doing their homework and getting properties with incomplete documents, wow
  • Silence is the tacit acceptance of the existing state of affairs; silence is capitulation; silence is complicity; silence is complacency. I refuse to be silent. I became an entrepreneur at the age of 19. I have dealt with ageism, I have dealt with sexism.
  • She’s sweet while the rest of us are filled with hate
  • Folorunso is sorry but is still coming to school us …run o, run o

On a final note Glory said she is guilty of all that she was accused of but Fuck you all.

The end

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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