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Five Social Media Sensations Who Became famous For Doing “Odd” Things

Social media has an enormous reach, hence, it is easy for anything and anyone to become a viral sensation. There are those who have achieved this virality for their, comedy skits, magic tricks, stunts, etc, and there are also others who have gained fame and clout by doing what many would call “odd” or “crazy.” These ones are simply bold enough to do things that others might be skeptical about, and in turn have reaped the fruit of their efforts.

From latest viral sensation crackheadextra to Shank, here are five creators who achieved fame by doing odd things.

1. Shank

Shank initially gained fame for his funny twitter stories which were often accompanied by memes. He later become known for his exaggerated yet absolutely hilarious unsolicited “tips” which he constantly dishes out on his twitter and Instagram pages. 

2. Crackheadextra

Crackheadextra recently burst onto the scene with daring videos of her singing loudly and gesticulating in public places like markers and bus stops and even airplanes. If this was done deliberately for virality, she sure got what she was looking for with over 100k new followers in a couple of days.

3. Odditty

Odditty isn’t exactly a comedian but she has charmed us and made us laugh with videos of her hyping herself. One might have thought that such videos might become tiring fast, but actually, it seems like we can’t get enough of Oddity.

4. Caramel plug

We can’t forget Caramel plug’s dramatic rant about game of thrones and the crazy hype around it. Whether intentional or not, that video blew up and the strange rants became her thing, gaining her thousands of fans and followers on social media.

5. Simeonskye

Simon is the definition of crazy and odd. From his face paint to his lemon balenciaga to dancing on the streets, Simon has done almost every crazy thing possible.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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