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Body Odour: 6 Natural home remedies + How to tell someone they stink.

Body Odour Remedy

Body Odour – This is a not-so-pleasant topic but I felt the need to address the issue, seeing that some people are fighting with deodorants and antiperspirants. The reason for the war is unknown.

Some are probably allergic to the active ingredients these products contain and are looking for natural alternatives, while others, well.. they do not see need to smell nice (Biko, there is need. Please, Ejor).

If you are allergic to the chemicals in deodorants and antiperspirants and are looking for an alternative, we got you. Here are six natural ways to combat body odour without using deodorants.

  • Eat healthy:

The first step to eliminating body odor is keeping a healthy diet. The odour that comes out of your body reflects what you put in. Foods like red meat, processed food and alcohol can actually cause a more intense, unpleasant body odour.

  •  Shower with Antibacterial soap:

Body odour is caused by bacteria and not sweat. Washing with an antibacterial soap would help kill bacteria and help with odour.

  • Squeeze some lemon:

Got a lemon in your kitchen? Squeeze it! Lemon juice is that magical liquid that ward of body odour. Rub it on your underarms before you bath. The citric acid in lemon can help kill bacteria and odour.

  • Apply apple cider vinegar to your armpits:

Another method you can try. Its antiseptic properties kill bacteria and balance out the pH level of your skin, so that you won’t stink later. Apply with a cotton ball and rinse with cold water.

  • Cut consumption of pungent foods such as garlic, curry, onions.

The aroma of these foods could be carried in your sweat. You don’t have to completely cut out these foods, rather consume them in moderation.

  • Alcohol:

Don’t drink, apply to your underarm. The antibacterial properties of rubbing alcohol eliminate the surface bacteria present on the skin. Use on less sensitive body parts.


“How do i tell him he smells?”

This is something many people experience but struggle to address. Body odour is a very sensitive and challenging subject to bring up. If you ever find yourself in this awkward position, be sure to use these tips.

  • Pick a private place; Ask

“Can I talk to you?” or “Do you have a moment?”

  •  Be empathetic; Start with

“This may be difficult for you to hear and it’s also difficult for me to say”

“I’m telling you because it’s important for you to know.”

  •  Use a clear language, don’t be insulting; Replace words like ‘smell’, ‘stink’ with ‘unusual odour’

“I’ve noticed a body odour of yours that i find unpleasant.”

“I’m sure you’re not aware of it, but I really thought you’d want to know that you have an unusual odour.”

  • Ask the person for his/her perception;

“Are you aware of this issue? Is this something you think you can take care of?”

“What are your thoughts on this?”

  • Offer proper hygiene habit; He/she might not know what to do.
  • Thank them: End with

“Thank you for having this conversation”

Am i missing something out? How do you tell someone they smell bad?

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Written by Onyekachi Onuora

Writer, Digital Communications girl, Natural Health & Wellness Enthusiast, and a lot of other amazing things in between.

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