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7 Reasons Why You Need to Cut Down Your Phone Usage

Smartphones are one of the greatest inventions ever made. They keep is informed and entertained, and there’s almost nothing that can’t be done with the smartphone. However while they have their perks, there comes a time when frequent usage can become toxic and it becomes pertinent to tone down it’s usage.

Below are 7 signs you need to cut down your phone usage.

Your phone deprives you of sleep

Are your phones depriving you of adequate sleep? How many times have you gone to bed, only to grab your phone and start browsing through social media, checking the news, emails or text? You do this for hours every night, depriving yourself of the appropriate amount of sleep.

When you start to start to experience this every night, then you k kw you have a problem, and it is to take control end ensure that your phone goes to bed the moment you decide to.

Taking a toll on your pocket

Data in Nigeria is not cheap at all, an ardent phone user will spend approximately four thousand naira every week on internet. That is a lot, especially when you do not have a stable income, or your income does not tally mathematically with such spending.

When you realise that you’re slowly but surely going broke, then it’s time to take break, minimise your phone usage and limit your time on social media.

Nothing else matters

Smartphones can get seriously addictive. When this happens you can become so attached to them that nothing else matters anymore. It becomes impossible for you to be without your phone even for minutes.

When you begin to lose interest in things that really matter like relationships and work. You definitely need a break from that phone

No time for other activities

Addiction to your smart phones can result in the development of bad time management. Because there is always something new to see and do on the internet, you tend to spend too many hours with your phone, and either forget or procrastinate other important tasks or activities.

No real life relationships

Physical relationships are becoming non-existent as a result of the internet and social media. Real life relationships deteriorate because people have become too keen on social media.

If you find yourself getting too attached to your phones that you do not have time to establish relationships with real people, or the ones you have are fading away, it’s time to cut down the amount of time you use your phone.

You judge your life based on social media

All the beautiful, picture-perfect lives of the majority of people can be overwhelming sometimes and cam make you think about your life in a negative way. However, it is important to distinguish social media from real life. Majority of what is portrayed on social media are often times all for show.

When you begin to compare your life to what you see on social media, you put too much unnecessary on yourself in an attempt to keep up. Hence if you begin to feel that way, it’s time to set that phone aside and focus on what’s real.

Too scared to miss out

There are a ton of activities to participate in on the internet. When you begin to feel the urge to participate in every contest or challenge on social media, that is a sure sign to ease off your phone for a bit.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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