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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Bold Steps When You’re young

Have you ever set out to achieve something but then got discouraged because in your ind you’re too young? Well almost every young person goes through this process in their lives. However this shouldn’t be your line of thought as a young person, being young is the best time for you to take steps that will form your future. Hence, your age is not a restraint but an opportunity to shape posterity.

Here are five reasons to take a bold step while in your youth.

Much less to lose

If your desire as a young person is to start a business, the truth is asides from the financial risks, you have much less to lose than someone in his 40s. When you’re young, you basically almost don’t have responsibilities, no family to feed, and if you’re still living with your parents no rents to pay. So with little or nothing to worry about, give your all in whatever you want to do and brace yourself for the good and the bad.

The best time to fail

As humans, we are often reluctant to take bold steps because of the fear of failure, after all, we’ve been told several times that in order to succeed, one must fail. That statement is both true and untrue, depending on how you view life, however, if you must fail to succeed, what better time to do it than when you’re young. Failing when when you’re young, no matter how many times, gives you the opportunity to swiftly rise up, learn your lessons and move on. So get off your butt and make a move, and when you fail, do not be discouraged, shake it off and look to the future

Learning curve

In whatever you do as a young person, understanding that you’re in a process of learning is very important. When starting a new venture, or applying for a scholarship, you should have it at the back of your mind that you are passing through stage in your life where failure is not necessarily a bad thing. It is the lessons you pick up from those failures that really matter. Understanding this will reduces fear and the eventual impact of failure.


Putting yourself out there is a great way of getting real world experience that will be valuable in the future. Whether it is an internship, or a business, you just need to get out and do it. The truth is no matter how brilliant or intelligent you were in the class rooms, if you do not put it in practice in the real world setting thereby broadening your horizon, its all a waste. Dare I say, you’ll probably learn more than you could ever learn in the class rooms when you’re out there in the world.

It’s fulfilling

Taking a big step career wise and doing something you have never done before gives you a fulfilling and confident feeling, whether you fail at it or not. The fact that you actually stepped out of your comfort zone into uncharted territory will give you the much needed impetus to soldier on and break new grounds in your life and career.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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