10 ways to tell if a person is gay

Gay couple in Nigeria

There are several reasons to want to know if a person is gay or not. They might be your friend, someone you just met and you’re interested in, someone who is single seems to like you, but has refused to be intimate – leaving you all confused, and so on. While we recommend you mind your business and allow people live their lives, we know that curiosity demands satisfaction. We have therefore put together signs that could reveal a person’s sexual orientation.

Enjoy …or not.

  1. Eye Contact

Gay people tend to make longer eye contact. Sometimes, it may not even be long, but even if it’s for a nanosecond, it will be obvious they are trying to send a message with their eyes. A straight person may not notice this, but a gay person will.

  1. Mode of dressing

If a man likes to wear skinny jeans, clothes that reveal the outer parts of the chest, shorts, and accessorize a lot, there’s huge chance he is gay! If a woman likes to keep a clean cut, have multiple piercings, tattoos, and dresses like a boy, she’s gay as well.

However, these do not apply to everyone. Some persons may just like to dress a certain way and it has nothing to do with their sexual orientation.

  1. Gushing

Does your friend (a guy) gush about a certain male celebrity, handsome guy, or actor in a way that’s totally not fan like? Does she overtly gush on female celebrities, pretty/hot women and so on? If yes, there’s every possibility he/she is indeed gay and has a crush on the person in question.

  1. Secrets

Is your friend being secretive about something that you can’t quite place a finger on? Do they hide their ‘partner’ and avoid talks about sex often? Gay people tend to keep that side of their life a secret especially if they’re still closeted or in a country where it’s totally unacceptable. They can be highly secretive!

  1. Mannerism

Does your male friend use dictions that are completely not ‘masculine’, or subconsciously cross his legs when he sits down (almost) every time? Does he pout when he’s angry, or fold his arms?

Does your female friend display masculine mannerisms rather than (or more than) feminine ones? If yes, you may want to question their sexuality. Just assure them their ‘secrets’ are safe with you, and then ask them. Or not. Or just mind your business. But they’re your friends; their business should be your business.

Written by Oluwasindara Dada

Freelance Model. Designer & Creative Director - @chokedby.xx

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