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Top 8 Highest Paid Nigerian Footballers

I think I’m in the wrong profession

Nigerians love football; this is evident on how much the game is followed and talked about every day a game is being played. While it is true that Nigerian footballers haven’t really excelled globally in the last decade, we have a lot of talent playing the game all over the world. These guys take home fat pay checks, and here, we have curated the top 8 highest paid Nigerian footballers.

Note: we have assumed an exchange rate of 450 Naira to 1 dollar.

  1. Odion Ighalo – £30,000 ($38,000)

Odion Ighalo Jude

Odion Ighalo joined the elite list of Nigerian football stars that have made a breakthrough in the footballing world since he signed for Watford FC in 2014. He earns N17.1million in just a week. Jeez! Some people’s salaries for one decade.

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