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Top 10 Instagram Comedians in 2016

top 10 instagram comedians in Nigeria

2016!!! That wonderful year gave birth to a lot of Internet sensations, as we would call them. They put smiles on our faces and sometimes made us forget there was a recession. If you’re not following them on Instagram, one question, who are you following?

In no particular order, this is the list of the top 10 Social Media comedians who stole our hearts in 2016.

  1. Twyse_116

Ereme is one character that evolved with 2016. He became quite popular after a bout of depression that he fought with so much love and support from his fans. The young and gifted comedian knows how to switch into five characters in one scene. He’s Baba Tobi, Mama Tobi, Tobi, Taofeek and Sade all at once! His fine face is complimented with brilliance, determination and hardwork.


  1. Aphricanape

Dami Olatunde known for his gigantic lips and his receding hairline is one comedian whose nickname ‘Aphricanape’ we have never doubted for a day. He had our hearts in 2016, so much so that he was featured in BBC as the Nigerian man making Africans laugh. Referred to as the New Era king of comedy, his most used words in 2016 was Everlasting Bastard!!


  1. Oluwakaponeski

The famous Mama Tobi: the one known for his undisputable Yoruba Yankee accent. Kaponeski is a soldier cum comedian whose act is that of a problematic Yoruba mother. In 2016, he was a blessing to Instagram and other social media platforms. We hope to see more of him in 2017


  1. Iamkanmi

Akanm d boy!

Doesn’t shout, gets noticed!

Silent killer!

Original gang member! Bad gang leader!

Kanmi is one comedian who always has funny comments and replies for everything. He is absolutely fascinating to watch and his skits, OMG!! His skits will get you rolling. He is so good he featured in a WizKid song. After featuring in FalzTheBadGuy’s Bad Gang song. Brilliant this chap, brilliant.


  1. Ebiye

Comedian Ebiye is Linda Ikeji’s sufferhead husband. Well, making skits about being the significant other of Nigeria’s foremost blogger is how he became a sensation. Then he slaughtered the Internet with his ‘perfect imitation’ of the robbery incidence involving our dearest OBO, Davido. His facial expressions will send you rolling especially when he’s in a position where he has to explain something that is not in his favor. 2016 has been awesome for him. Looking forward to him blessing our screens in 2017.


  1. Maraji

Gloria Oloruntobi, the Edo State born graduate of Covenant University came into limelight with her great lip syncing ability. She’s a regular customer on musically and has inspired a lot of people who also want to be in the lip-sync business. In 2016 she won $5000 in a lip-sync batter. She has moved on to comedy now and her hilarious skits are a source of joy. She’s a great inspiration to many and one to look out for in 2017


  1. CrazeClown

Emmanuel Iwueke, popularly known as Crazeclown is the undisputed king; and the most followed Nigerian comedian on Instagram. This year he did not drop a lot of skits, but together with his sidekick Tega and MushinBoi, he still reigned supreme in the world of comedy. He also signed a couple endorsement deals with top brands and hosted his own sold out show. Great year for this guy


  1. WofaiFada

Call her the queen of comedy and you won’t be wrong. Wofai, the most followed Nigerian comedienne on Instagram kept us entertained ins 2016 with her funny skits. See this one about end-time friends.


  1. Chief Obi

Chief Obi is inarguably our favorite Igbo man in the United States of America. His skits – especially those where he voices over other videos are hilarious, every single time. He made us laugh in 2016 and we hope he does so again in 2017.


  1. KlintonCOD

How do we describe Klint’s brand of comedy? How? It’s indescribable, really. Watch this one and you’ll likely agree.

Yeah, those are the top 10 Instagram comedians in/from Nigeria. The beautiful part is, there are a couple others who are working hard to make us laugh on a daily basis. These lads – including TheRealFemi, Demo Pumpin, Ogbeni_adan, ThespianNozy, SLKomedy, Oluwadolarz and Intelligent Tope are gems, and we thank them for their creativity.

Written by Chief Curator

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