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Russia 2018 WorldCup – List of items you cannot take to the Stadium

prohibited items at world cup stadiums
prohibited items at world cup stadiums

Going to see a game at any of the beautiful stadiums in Russia? You must already know you need your Fan ID and match ticket to go in. But do you know there are certain things you cannot take into the match venue? Yes there are, and we have listed them here.

PS: If you absolutely have to travel with them, there are storage units outside the stadium. But you know how stressful lining up to drop off and pick up your bag is, so if you can, don’t go to the match venues with any of these items. 

  1. Weapons of any kind, whether intended for self-defence or otherwise, any ammo or any component parts of firearms;
  2. Devices or implements, whether self-manufactured or otherwise, which, without in themselves being pyrotechnics, may be used for the scattering or spraying of diverse materials or substances (pneumatic crackers);
  3. Materials of extremist, offensive or discriminatory nature;
  4. Promotional materials of any kind;
  5. Unwieldy objects or bags, if they exceed 158cm by the sum of their three dimensions;
  6. Bicycles, scooters or segways, unless used for the transportation of persons with impaired mobility (PIMs), with the exception of wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, or 3- or 4-wheeled electric scooters used for the transportation of PIMs;
  7. Food or beverages of any kind, including alcoholic beverages (there would be food and beverage stands in the stadium);
  8. Anything that could be used to cut or stab, knives, any other bladed weapons;
  9. Aerosol spray canisters;
  10. Work tools of any kind;
  11. Thermos bottles or any kinds of flasks;
  12. Sporting gear or equipment, including bicycles, skateboards and scooters;
  13. Flags or banners larger than 2m x 1m50;
  14. Any items resembling any prohibited objects in appearance, or any replicas or equivalents thereof;
  15. Umbrellas longer than 25cm when folded.
  16. Explosive substances, firing agents or any items filled with same;
  17. Flammable or pyrotechnic substances or objects;
  18. Flammable liquids or gases;
  19. Poisonous or toxic agents, or any substances emitting an acrid odour;
  20. Oxidizing agents or organic peroxides;
  21. Toxic, radioactive or corrosive agents;
  22. Narcotics, stimulants, toxic agents or precursors thereof, whether in medicinal form or otherwise;
  23. Any dyes;
  24. Any substances in powder form;
  25. Any liquids in containers larger than 100ml;
  26. Any other substances, products or objects, whether self-manufactured or otherwise, the use of which may cause the emission of smoke or an inflammation.

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Written by Chidi Okereke

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