Nigeria at 59: 4 Reasons Why You Should be Optimistic

Nigeria has just celebrated its 59th year sine independence from Britain but no one is actually celebrating. There is an air of defeatism which stems from the insecurity, poverty, SARS savagery, no respect for freedom of expression as well as the numerous problems surrounding Nigeria. There is wide spread pessimism like never before and one is in the celebratory mood.

However, it shouldn’t be all gloomy, while the present is clouded by darkness, the future proposes brighter and better days. It is in that vein that I have highlighted four reasons why the optimism should not wane.

Nigeria is only 59

Pessimists have ridiculed Nigeria’s age, comparing it to a 59 year old man. Nigeria is not a human being and such any comparison of that nature is baseless. A country cannot develop the way a human being will. A 59 years old man is expected to have achieved a lot because he is a living being in sole and total control of his actions and inactions. As a country, Nigeria is made up of several components, highlighted by its numerous ethnic groups, hence growth and development is bound to be a more lengthy process. This is not to make excuses, but to establish the fact that Nigeria is still developing and while we hold high expectations, one should also have it at the back of their mind that “Rome was not built in a day” and in due time, the greatness of Nigeria will be restored.

The Youth

There is no doubt that a young and vibrant new generation has emerged. These set of individuals are determined to take the necessary bold steps in order to implement the much needed change. While this isn’t going to happen overnight and much work is still to be done, there is an honest optimism that the new generation is destined to bring Nigeria from darkness into the light.

The People

Nigerians are known all over the world as a hardworking, relentless, happy and optimistic people. In the midst of all the negativity, the optimism still outweighs the pessimism. There is a strong belief that Nigeria can be better and this belief is carried strongly by its citizens. Nigerians wake up everyday, ready to push forward irrespective of the numerous challenges because of the strong belief that the country will eventually see the light and that is enough reason for every other person to believe.

The Pride and Love

Nigerians will rant, complain and criticise the situation of the country but will not condone any level of criticism from a foreigner. This is because in as much as they detest the conditions they live in, they just won’t let an outsider drag their beloved country through the mud. Nigerians always represent the green white green wherever they find themselves, maybe it is because deep down they believe the future of the nation is bright. You should too

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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