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#KeepTheChangeBae – See how Nigerian brands are ‘milking’ this trend. Dope!


If you do not understand what #KeepTheChangeBae is, and why it has been trending since last night, let us quickly bring you up to speed:

In summary, some kid named Ayodeji went on a ‘date’ with a lady named Ore. Turns out she wasn’t interested in a relationship and told him. The kid went on Twitter and started ranting that he took her out on a date, spent money and she still turned him down. Ore then dropped this tweet that we consider one of the greatest comebacks of all time.

She refunded him and asked him to keep the change. Everywhere scattered. Someone used the hashtag #KeepTheChangeBae, and the rest, as they say is history.

But here, starting with Wema bank (where the broke juvenile kid banks), we take a look at how brands joined the conversation and are flourishing with it.

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  1. Wema Bank

The “broke ass nigga” banks with Wema, but instead of joining the kid in taking the L, the purple bank jumped on the conversation and have been trending since. Whoever is managing the account, well done. Big well done for seeing the opportunities and milking every bit of it. Don’t overdo it though.

  1. Quickteller

Payments platform – Quickteller facilitated the transaction and it was only right that they quickly jumped on it to sell their market.

  1. Baton Nigeria

For those saying N3,800 is small money, Baton, makers of Nigeria’s finest toothpicks is here to tell you that it can give you a ONE YEAR supply of Baton Toothpicks, and still leave you with enough change.

  1. Yudala

Yudala joined the party too.

  1. Road Chef

Listed meals you can get for N3800 or less. Dope

  1. Mobile Punch

One would think that Punch is too ‘big’ for this. But they joined in and it banged. New media rocks

  1. The Nail Boutique

Foremost Lekki-located nail brand – The Nail Boutique is here to tell you that you can get pampered for as low as N3500 and #KeepTheChangeBae.

They also offered Ore a free Mani or Pedi session for ‘inspiring them’. Who said savagery being dope doesn’t pay?

  1. HotelNowNow

For those who do not have a lot to spend on accommodation, there are rooms you can get for N3,800 or less at

  1. PiggyBank

Only N50 and you have a Piggybank account. N3,800 is plenty sef. Dope!!

  1. First Bank

Wema bank is not the only bank that means business. First Bank noticed the transaction was done from a Firstbank account and jumped on the trend.

They offered Ore N5,000 (which we think is small), welcomed her to the FirstGem family (whatever that is) and are encouraging people to get FirstMonie, for easy transactions. First Bank is enjoying every bit of the mileage this thing is getting them, and that is perfectly okay.


Other brands that joined the conversation include Boom Play, WakaGirl, BrownskinGirl, Shaunz Bar, Git NG Lottery, Utazi NG, and so on. Impressive that brands are jumping on these things. Well done Social Media Managers!!

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