JAPA TO CANADA: What You Must Know About The New Immigration Restrictions

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Yesterday, Monday January 23, 2024, marked a distressing day for aspiring immigrants, especially those pursuing education as a pathway to move to Canada. The IRCC, Canada’s immigration department, announced a cap on international student admissions, coupled with changes in immigration laws.

According to the released statement, the decision by IRCC was prompted by concerns about the compromised integrity of the international student system in recent years, attributed to a surge in international students impacting housing, healthcare, and other services in the country.

Here are the major bits to note from the statement made by the IRCC:

Intake Cap For International Students

The IRCC intends to approve approximately 360,000 study permits in 2024, reflecting a 35% reduction from 2023. This cap will be effective for two years, with the limit for 2025 to be disclosed later.

No More Work Permits For Spouses of Undergraduate/College Students

One notable change is the discontinuation of spousal work permits for undergraduate students.

Open work permits will exclusively be accessible for spouses of international students enrolled in master’s and doctoral programs.

Provincial Study Permits Will Now Be Based On Population

In a shift, study permits will be allocated to Canadian provinces based on their population, and provinces can distribute them among authorized learning institutions admitting international students. 

Going forward, study permits submitted to the IRCC will require an attestation letter from the respective province or territory, with details on the application process expected before March 2024.

Private College Grads Ineligible For Postgrad Work Permit

Starting September 1, 2024, graduates of private career colleges, even those licensed to deliver public college curriculum, will no longer qualify for a postgraduate work permit, as per the directive from the IRCC.

Final Thoughts

In the face of these changes, it’s important to recognize that numerous success stories have emerged from being adaptable. Keep your aspirations alive, and you may discover even more favorable opportunities on your path.


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