BBNaija nominations: See how the housemates voted, who is safe and who might go home

Ahneeka, BBNaija nominations
Ahneeka, BBNaija nominations

After the fake eviction party on Sunday, the game has officially begun with the BBNaija nominations, as housemates chose who they wanted to be up for eviction. (Un)fortunately, the nominations won’t count as Big Brother nullified them all – because the housemates conspired amongst themselves, and formed alliances.

Nevertheless, see how pairs voted – know who is against who and who has formed alliances with who. Enjoy, share.

  1. Pritto (Princess and Bitto)

CeBi and MiNa

  1. LoTo (Lolu and Anto)

CeBi and MiNa

Lolu, BBNaija

  1. VanDee (Vandora and DeeOne)

MiNa and CeBi

  1. RiNeka (Rico and Ahneeka)

MiNa and LoTo

  1. K-Square (Khloe and K. Brule)

VanDee and CeBi

  1. LeoLex (Leo and Alex)

Angel-Ifu and MiNa

Alex, BBNaija

  1. BamTeddy (Teddy A and Bam Bam)

MiNa and LoTo

  1. MiNa (Miracle and Nina)

LoTo and BamTeddy

  1. Angel Ifu (Angel and Ifu Ennada)

CeBi and MiNa

  1. CeBi (Cee C and Tobi)

VanDee and LoTo

Tobi, BBNaija

In summary, with 7 nods, the pair MiNa had the most nominations, CeBi had 5, and LoTo had 4.

Head of House, Khloe and her partner were asked to save one pair, and they saved LeoLex. Therefore, everyone apart from K-Square and LeoLex are up for possible eviction.

Khloe, BBNaija
Khloe saving LeoLex

Who will you be saving?


See how to vote for your favorite housemate HERE

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