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7 brands that could be behind the viral #LadiesInRed

Falomo, ladies in red

The streets of Lagos have been taken over by ladies clad in red outfits. We spotted them at The Palms, Lekki, then saw from Social Media that they had also been at other places.

The question now is, who is behind the ladies in red activation? We know it’s not random. We know someone is paying big bucks to have them costumed that beautifully. We know. The question is, who?

These are our guesses.

  1. Coca Cola

Coca Cola is not only the most recognizable brand in the world; it is also the number one creator of stunts in advertising. Red is also a color coke is associated with so, you get the drift right?

Ladies in red

This can’t be coincidence, right?

  1. Tinder

Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users. It is one of the most popular dating platforms in the world, and this may just be a way for them to enter the Nigerian market. I mean, red is the colour of passion, desire and love, three things Tinder fuels. Soooo ….

Tinder Nigeria, ladies in red

  1. Shoprite

Well, they took a photo in front of Shoprite. And the color of the brand is red. And … maybe the retail chain wants to go into clothing??

Shoprite, ladies in red

  1. Imperial Leather

At some point during the display, the #LadiesInRed said something about luxury being life. We checked for brands with luxury in their name/slogan/alias and red color in their branding, and we were left with Imperial Leather. Yes, we are grabbing straws. Don’t blame us abeg.

Imperial Leather

  1. United Bank for Africa

In Nigeria, UBA is officially the red bank. They have a platform called Red TV. They have a couple interesting shows running and this may just be a teaser to promote a new series. We are banking on UBA being the ones behind this. Ah, banking. See what we did there?


  1. Mai Atafo

Popular fashion designer, Ohimai Atafo may just be behind this activation. I mean, the ladies in red looked awesome in their beautiful dresses and we are certain it was a brilliant fashion designer that clothed them. Well, the name that came to mind is Mai, the world class designer who clothes celebrities across the world.

Mai Atafo

  1. Pretty Mike

Oh well, he has put ladies on a leash before. So we are certain that if any individual could do something like this, it’s definitely the eccentric manager of Club Uno.

Pretty Mike


Anyways, we have speculated enough. While we wait to see what this is, who do you think is behind the #LadiesInRed?

#LadiesInRed Ladies in red

What do you think?

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