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5 things we learned from Thierry Henry’s visit to Nigeria

Thierry Henry in Nigeria

On the 17th of December, Guinness brought football legend, Thierry Henry to Nigeria to celebrate the unique passion for football among fans in the country.

As most football fans know, Thierry Henry is one of those football legends that brought his creative flair to the game, worked hard to demonstrate his skill and ability and ultimately changed the way football was played in England. In summary, he demonstrated a true Made of Black spirit.

For some who are still trying to figure out who Thierry Henry is:

He is famous for his time at Arsenal, where he was part of an invincible team that won Two English Premier League titles and Three FA Cups. He enriched the football viewing experience for all football fans regardless of team loyalty or nationality. He is Arsenal’s top scorer with 228 goals – This earned him the title “Igwe” (King) from football fans in Nigeria. Thierry Henry moved to Barcelona, winning six trophies with the team in 2009: Copa Del Rey, Spanish La Liga, Spanish Super Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup.

Now you’ve been brought up to speed on who this football legend is, here’s a load down of the 9 things we learned when he visited Lagos courtesy of Guinness Nigeria.

  1. Thierry Henry Loves Nigerian Jollof Rice

Ghana or other countries have nothing on us now because Thierry Henry did not only prepare Nigerian Jollof Rice; he had a good taste of it as well.

At the Guinness Fanzone, Thierry Henry with the assistance of Chef Obubu prepared Nigerian jollof rice. He looked like a professional chef in an apron and also had the right measure of ingredients. Apparently, we have every reason to believe that he left Nigeria with some of the goodness of Nigerian Jollof Rice in his bag.

  1. He grew up watching the Super Eagles and loves Fufu as well

While at a press conference in Lagos, Thierry Henry said that he grew up watching the Super Eagles at USA 94 World Cup. He was full of praises for the Super Eagles and also for Nigeria’s native food, Fufu which he had a taste of in Nigeria. Perhaps, he thought that Nigeria’s success at the USA 94 World Cup was tied to the players eating fufu.

Listen to him talk about the Super Eagles and Fufu

  1. Thierry Henry can sing in Yoruba

After we thought the Frenchman couldn’t surprise us any further, He stepped up with the challenge by singing Yoruba with Simi at Guinness “The Black Pass” event. The Black pass event was especially put together to celebrate people that have achieved success in their fields of endeavor and are ‘Made of Black’; individuals who are exceptional, creative, bold, authentic, and inspiring.

While at the event Simi taught Thierry Henry some Yoruba words and he sang along with her.

  1. Kanu Nwankwo is the most technically gifted African Player

Okay, I think we all agree with this one even before Thierry Henry reiterated this.

While at a Question & Answer session, Thierry Henry said that Kanu was the most technically gifted African player he ever played with.

“Lauren (Cameroonian) was a good player, but if you go down to technic, you have to give it to Kanu. This is not because I’m in Nigeria, even if I was in a different country, I’m just telling you the truth. He was just an underrated player”

  1. He has a good heart

At the Guinness fanzone, Thierry Henry who had been crowned the Igwe of Football took off his Igwe regalia to honour an amputee footballer after hearing his story. He identified him as his own Igwe, and Made of Black hero.

Basketmouth shared the moment on his Instagram page with the caption;

“I had the pleasure of being the host at the Guinness Fanzone last Sunday and this right here, was by far the most touching moment for me

After listening to his story, Thierry Henry took off the Igwe regalia he had just been crowned with and put it all on Goodluck Obieze an amputee footballer. He identified him as his own Igwe, his own Made of Black hero. I think it takes a King to recognise another King. Sincerely, this really got me. It speaks volumes.



What else did we miss? Kindly share in the comment section.

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