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5 reasons you should help Chibuike go to Cornell University

Chibuike Emmanuel started farming catfish when he convinced a Cable TV network to allow him to use a fallow part of their tower farm for fish farming. He started with one pond and has now expanded to hold up to 5 tons of catfish per production cycle. His passion for agriculture doesn’t end with fishes as he also grows vegetables using pond water for irrigation.

His Passion

Chibuike started catfish farming without access to land nor capital but has thrived nonetheless. He has weathered nearly every possible obstacle and now uses his experiences to inspire thousands of young people through the Agriculture is Sexy Network initiative, a  platform he founded to get young people interested in agriculture as well as succeed in it.

His Dream Future

Chibuike desires to do his part to help properly harness Africa’s huge potential in the agricultural sector. He understands the need for Africa to strengthen its challenged food system, especially with the raging pandemic and a failing global supply chain. He desires to end hunger and malnutrition through agriculture which will in turn aid Africa’s prosperity.

Why Cornell

Cornell is an Ivy league university noted for premium agricultural education globally. Students from the prestigious institution have been mentored in turning their research into full-fledged and impactful standalone initiatives/organisations. Such practical guidance is what Chibuike yearns for.

What is his Project About

Chibuike aims to work on a project that will design and deploy a holistic blueprint  and open-source framework  to empower young people with all the necessary resources to succeed in agribusiness .This will enable them to galvanise their  voices , influence policies and create scalable change.

Why GoFundMe

Chibuike requires $71, 000 (transaction and flight costs inclusive) to make his dream of going to Cornell possible. There are no sufficient scholarships within his field and has so far exhausted all other options to raise funds. He has approached professors to work as their research assistant and was processing a student loan before Covid-19 disrupted everything. Deadline to raise the funds is August 15th and deferment is no longer an option as he has already done that once. So failure to raise the funds will mean forfeiting his admission.

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Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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