5 tips to help you achieve you goals in 2020

The year is about to come to an end, and the new year comes with an opportunity for a clean slate and a fresh start, hence, many people are either writing or have written their new year resolutions and goals for 2020. However it is one thing to set goals, and it is another to see them through, that is why it is pertinent to set realistic goals and keep track of them, in order not to lose sight and end the year in regrets.

Below are five tips to help you achieve those goals, and ensure that 2020 turns out to be fruitful.

1.Short term goals

People will often ask you questions like “Where do you see yourself in two year” and the truth is, you probably will never know, and while you can plan for where you want to be in two years you can never know for sure. There is nothing wrong in setting long term goals, but it is sometimes better to set goals that you can see the end from where you are standing, this will cool down any unnecessary high expectations and give you more desire to achieve them in order to move to the next goal.

2. Be specific

Know exactly what you want to achieve in whatever space of time. Whether it is getting a specific amount customers for your business, starting a YouTube channel or losing weight, make sure that your goal is clearly defined and feasible.

3. Measure progress

Keep track with how much progress you’ve made at every point in time, this will give you a sense of direction on how far you have gone and what measures need to be taken to meet up with the set date. Tracking could be daily, weekly or monthly, whichever method you use, just make sure you know where you are at all times.

4. Be patient

You may begin to feel like you are moving at a slow pace, you might encounter road blocks along the way, or the goal might look too far away, it is important that you remain calm and trust the process. Devise a method of measuring your progress and be patient, after all, it is not a race, and your only competition is yourself.

5. Reward progress.

You do not have to wait till the entire goal is achieved before rewarding yourself. As you make progress, acknowledge them, irrespective of how little they are, give yourself a pat o the back for sticking to the plan and making it that far. This will keep you refreshed and give you more impetus to forge ahead and set more milestones.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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