3 reasons Jose Mourinho was sacked by Manchester United


Jose Mourinho was sacked as the coach of Manchester United on the 18th of Dec, 2018. He has been the coach for just two and a half years and during that time, the club experienced a lot of unfortunate performances.

Ever since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013, Man Utd has been on a decline. From David Moyes to Van Gaal, the club which used to be the biggest force to reckon with in England and one of the biggest in Europe continued posting unfortunate performances, so when Mourinho came on board, many people thought he could do the magic. However, that has come to an end, and these are few reasons we believe the club terminated his contract. 

  1. Poor results in 3 consecutive seasons: 
    Last season Man Utd got a terrible loss of 2-1 to Sevilla at their home (Old Trafford stadium) in the champions’ league, knocking them out of the competition. But despite that, there have been lots and lots of terrible losses they have had; Lost 3-2 to Brighton & Hove Albion (away), 3-0 to Tottenham Hotspur (home) and 3-1 to West Ham United (away). They also suffered a loss of 3-1 to both of their biggest rivals Manchester City and Liverpool. These defeats did not go down well with fans and management of the elite club and likely led to his sack
  2. Losing out of contention for major trophies over two seasons
    Despite the bragging of the three pieces of silverware he won and refers to as a “treble”, he lost out on many other major trophies. Definitely, the Europa League is a major trophy and gave the team a boost in the champion league; EFL cup is also quite reputable, but in the last season, they got knocked out quiet early into the champions league contest and also lost the FA cup to a struggling Chelsea. As if that was not enough, they got knocked out of the EFL Cup this season by Derby County at Old Trafford! (What abomination! Derby?)
  3. Benching certain players for no just cause
    This was one of the major reasons why Ed Woodward decided to sack Jose Mourinho. He would bench key players for no apparent reason. Take a look at one of the team’s best centre-back, Eric Bailly. Despite him being one of the best, Mourinho refuses to use him in games from time to time. However the most annoying of all his treatment is that of Paul Pogba. Paul is with no doubt the best outfield player, but he gets a cold shoulder from the manager/coach. This action lead to a draw of 2-2 against Arsenal as well as the 3-1 loss to Liverpool, as Man Utd had a lack of chances in the absence of the midfielder. The team almost lost their players as they looked for a better team after their fallout with Mourinho. Well the team could not afford to miss their best midfielder and decided that Mourinho is more disposable.

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