7 helpful Ways to Deal With Depression

As the world celebrates #WorldMentalHealthDay today, awareness is being raised all over the world about mental health disorder and the importance of fighting depression and preventing suicides.

The amount of depression and other mental health conditions is on the rise globally. According to the WHO, depression affects over 300 million people worldwide and at its worst stage often leads to suicide. Close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year and it is the second leading cause of death in 15-29-year-olds. While there are known effective treatments for depression, only a hand full have access to it.

So in the spirit of the #WorldMentalHealthDay , here are 7 helpful ways to deal with depression.

Talk to people

A lot of people hide their feeling of depression from people. They try to act strong and appear to be cheerful. This is not the best way to deal with depression. It is better to talk to people around you about what is bringing you down, open up about your feelings and thoughts, and let them help you.

Find humour

In the midst of all the negative thoughts and negative moods, find a way inject humour in your life everyday. Whether it involves watching a funny video on social media, seeing movie or talking to a friend, do things that make you happy even if momentarily.

Avoid alcohol and drugs

The temptation of falling into alcohol and drugs as a coping mechanism might arise, but that is down hill move. Alcohol and substance abuse will not solve your problems but rather aggravate issues because you begin to fall deeper into sadness. Find a better way to cope such as going out with people and making yourself happy.

Change your thoughts

Depression comes with unending negative thinking so, finding a way to regulate those thoughts of “I am lazy”or “I am a failure”, and replacing them positive and uplifting thoughts is germane to a swift recovery from depression.

Keep yourself busy

In order to take your mind of depressing thoughts, keep yourself busy and try concentrating your attention on something else. Play video games, go for a walk, pick up a hobby, meet and talk to people. Avoid staying indoors by yourself soaked in negative thoughts.


Exercise have a large and significant effect on symptoms of stress, and more importantly depression. Exercise naturally release chemicals called endorphins which help to improve mood

Your’e doing your best

Depression can often occur as a result of a feeling of under achievement, comparing yourself, to your pairs or even people you don’t know on social media. However, always remember that you’re your only competition and you should move at your own pace because sometimes good things take time.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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