Top 7 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria

When your country is Nigeria and you don’t belong to any of the 1% who are only Nigerian in the country of residence, you need a sense of humour to get through your daily activities without losing your mind. Connecting to and seeing the funny of life is how we get through life in this country without committing mass suicide.

This influencers have been making social media (twitter to be specific) fun and at thesame time educative and in some cases helpful as they use there fan base to generate income for those in desperate need.

They are NOT in any particular order

A Go-Giver in every sense of the word, Ibe Kenneth popularly known on Social Media as I_PissVodka is a startup advisor to numerous companies in and out of Nigeria. This Arsenal fan gets the social media expert seal of approval as far as we are concerned. Ibe launched his media house named Ipissmedia few years ago and he has been able to cement his status as one of the very few media house in Nigeria who don’t joke with delivery of worthy publicity. It is not a fluke to see companies like Airtel, Glo, The GuestHouse Ikoyi, AIICO, Accessbank, Union Bank always wanting to put I_PissVodka on their campaigns.

Ibe Kenneth has quickly become one of the top social media influencers on the web, most notably via Twitter. He’s been able to leverage his following to earn awesome income monthly for his company in a variety of ways, from rib cracking tweets, speaking to selling merchandise, branded content, and more. He’s been able to discuss impact of social media on sales on a popular radio, Lead radio Ibadan.

Brands like Airtel, GLO, Pepsi, Coca Cola, AdekunleGold and others have a secret weapon in Adegoke Pamilerin Emmanuel and his consulting firm (TheStateAgency), which comprises of the top social media influencers all across Nigeria. Popularly called by his social media handle, ThePamilerin has been able to help so many clients grow their social media presence as well as followers thereby resulting in improved revenue. It is worthy to state that Pamilerin decided to start his own media house from scratch and build an online following so powerful.

An unapologetic Chelsea fan is sometime referred to as Instagram-Guru as he’s more comfortable using Instagram to push his contents without leaving out other applications such as Twitter and Snapchat. While we did our findings, we found out that ThePamilerin rakes in large income monthly. Adegoke Pamilerin Emmanuel has been featured on TheSun, Punch, Wazobia, STV and few others.

Demola is an amazing personality with a lot of energy when it comes to pushing contents on social media. Most know him on Twitter, Instagram and in other social places as DemolaExpoze. He’s bold, audacious, and entertaining. Demola is a King on Twitter when we are talking about social media influencing. He launched his media house, Expoze Nigeria few years ago. He earns huge income monthly via numerous campaigns. He has handled online publicity for the likes of Fidelity Bank, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Google. Demola is one of the most sought after social media influencers out there, and you will agree with us that he is an asset.

DemolaExpoze is a regular face on popular Television and Radio stations across Nigeria. He has been on shows at City FM 105.1, WFM 97.1 and Planet Radio TV. Lovers of Marketing Edge Magazine, Acada Magazine will also tell you a lot about this guy.

Few years ago, he took a bold step and launched his media firm called DATGUYKOFO (DGK) and he has been doing really well.

If you want to connect with a game-changer who isn’t afraid to stand for what he believes, look no further . In fact, Oluwakayode Iledipo is on a mission to make a significant difference in the African community. Steady making fat figures on Twitter, this guy is a force to reckon with. There are talkers and there are doers. He is a 100% doer and people who have listened to him or read about him on 91.7 WFM, Acada Magazine, Dynamix TV greatly admire his drive and tenacity.

Chidi Okereke is a digital communications professional per excellence. Chidi as we all know him on all social media platforms is an influencer commanding tens of thousands on twitter. He has campaigned to promote companies like Visa, Access Bank, Heineken, and a flurry of other companies. His unique Twitter timeline is family-friendly and fun, making him one of the most liked and relatable “influencers” on social media. He Leads a media agency called Thisruption Communications in Nigeria, and he works with a number of big brands.

Chidi Okere is a regular guest on popular Television and Radio programmes, few of them are Channels Television, Ebony Life Television, TVC, etc. Where he occasionally speaks about good governance, LGBT rights, Online Reputation Management, Public Relations, and so on.
  • Bhadmus Hakeem | Bhadmus Habdulakeem Biodun (@Bhadoosky)

He is an Experienced Social Media Expert, well vast in managing large scale social media channels and creating new engagement campaigns to raise awareness for products and services, as well as improving image and customer experience for people patronizing brands , making it easier for them to find the information they need. He has been frequently involved in social media publicity of top brands in Nigeria and referenced by various media, Bhadoosky is one of the most-versatile influencer from this part the world.

He’s an author, a marketer, a columnist, a blogger, a technologist, a speaker and a consultant. Good grief, what doesn’t Paul do? He goes by the name Lazywrita to many of his friends, but most of all he’s just a super-talented social media influencer who is passionate about tech, digital and social media influencing.

He has worked with so many top brands, some of them are Visa, Google and Guinness. As the Chief Executive Officer at LazyMediaNG, Paul from our findings earns huge amount monthly from social media influencing. He has been to so many Television and Radio stations like Wazobia Max, Reel Radio, Twitter Radio, Galaxy TV, Reloaded Magazine and many others. That’s a lot of motivation!

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