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How to Pass a Job Interview

Job interviews are inevitable, and sometimes your only way of getting that dream job, and a start in your chosen career. Hence, it is important that you completely ace it, and not only leave a good first impression, but also a lasing impression.

It is important you plan and prepare for the interview, but when the day comes, what do you do when you are finally in front of the interviewer? Below is a list of ten tips to help you ace that job interview.

1. Do your research on the company

Have the basic background knowledge about the company, its main profile, general direction and the their demands. That way you know exactly what you are walking into.

2. Show Up

Before you can think of having a successful interview, you first have to show up to the interview. Be at the interview on time, and with all the necessary documents arranged in an orderly manner, in order not to make mistakes or appear to unorganised.

3. Dress well

It is important that you make a very good first impression. Dress appropriately, and put on outfits that displays confidence.

4. Confidence

About 50 percent of the interview is decided in the first 30 seconds, so it is germane to get the introduction right. Smile, maintain eye contact, give a strong and affirmed hand shake, and present general calmness.

5. Good body language

Some people claim to be experts on things not said, so in case you meet such a person at an interview, try to maintain good body language, one that exudes calmness and confidence. Let the interviewer know what you are all about without saying a word.

6. The Interview is about you

Always remember that that interview is all about you, and what you can offer to the company. Do not create the notion that you are there because of what they can do for you, rather make them see your usefulness, and why they should hire you.

7. Unique selling Point

Sell yourself by demonstrating your strengths and uniqueness. Often times the candidates with the most qualifications are overlooked for hose who can practically bring something to the table. Demonstrate that you are a quick learner, can adapt, versatile, a team player, and any other strengths that would stand you out from the rest.

8. Avoid cliches

Try not to sound mechanical, don’t answer questions like you rehearsed the answers from home. Be spontaneous, wow the interviewer with your own ideas, show originality and versatility.

9. Make them like you

This tip is often times underrated because so much importance is put on experience and certification. However, sometimes, people who get the job aren’t necessarily the ones with the most qualifications, but those who are affable and enthusiastic about the job.

10. Enjoy yourself

Think of the interview as an interaction, rather than an interrogation, be at ease and have a good time. Have a good conversation with the interviewer, you’ll be more relaxed and confident, and you’ll more likely get the job.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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