Five reasons you should read the Omojuwa book; Digital: The New Code of Wealth

Omojuwa book

J.J. Omojuwa has officially launched his book titled Digital: The New Code of Wealth, where he discusses the growing influence of the digital space and how it can be harnessed to create wealth as well as drive social transformation. This is Omojuwa’s maiden entry as an author, and he delivers an insightful must-read book for everyone.

The launch which held on at The Civic Center on Wednesday, July 31st had in attendance some of the most influential people in Media and Communications, Leadership and Politics, Entertainment, FinTech, etc. Conversations and panels around democracy and the future of digital saw the audience gain insights from thought leaders and experts in their various sectors.

Since the release of the book, Social Media has been abuzz with comments about how good it is. But if you need more convincing, this is why you should read the Digital Wealth Book.

The Author

Japhet Joshua Omojuwa is a public speaker, socio-economic & political commentator and social media expert. He is one of Africa’s most renowned free market exponents and a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers. No stranger to controversy, he is a master at stirring the hornet’s nest, shaking and shattering tables. He is a columnist with major news platforms and his pieces have appeared on CNN, ThisDay and other platforms across the continent. His works have been repeatedly translated into several languages, including various platforms for German, French, Portuguese and Greek audiences. He makes his debut as an author with the Digital Wealth Book, and with his vast experience, be sure to get an insightful look into the Nigerian, African and Global digital space.

Opportunities in the Digital Space

The last decade has seen a rise in new businesses powered by the digital sphere. From digital marketing, to online sports betting and new media powerhouses, the opportunities are endless. DWB will further broaden the scope of its readers on wealth creation through digital.

Data Driven

J.J. Omojuwa is a seasoned and well traveled digital media expert. He applies his wealth of experience to a data driven analysis on the power of digital in today’s world. Simply put, he knows what he is saying.

Beyond wealth

The power of digital transcends wealth creation. Omojuwa in the book, analyses how digital is being used for social change. He discusses how digital is being used to take a solid stand on socio-cultural and political issues such as gender justice, as well as how it has helped to expose corruption up to some level.

Positive reviews

DWB has already started to receive favourable reviews from renowned media and tech experts. Vimbai Mutinhiri, a media entrepreneur praised Omojuwa for seamlessly using his vast experience to offer insight on the topic. Founder and C.E.O of Flutterwave, Olugbenga GB Agboola praised him for using statistics in providing suggestions on how digital can be used to eradicate poverty and lack of opportunities, while Ikenna Oguguo described the book in one simple sentence “The analyses presented is as fluent as any, and more relevant than most”.

There, 5 reasons you should own the Digital Wealth Book. Thousands of copies have been sold already and a Digital Launch has been scheduled for next week. For more updates, follow @Omojuwa on Twitter and Instagram.

You’re welcome.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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