6 reasons why Òlòturé may just be the Naija film of the year


Òlòturé, a film by Ebonylife films and Netflix about the cancer that is human trafficking has been released on schedule on Netflix. With Mo Abudu at the helm, Keneth Gyang from Confusion Nawa, as director, a star studded cast and an intriguing trailer, Òlòturé appeared to be a film with great promise. Even with all that, I made sure not to raise my expectations, but Òlòturé delivered on all its promises and more.


Òlòturé tells the story of prostitution and human trafficking from the perspectives of perpetrators, victims and those who try to stop the practice. The story revolves around Òlòturé, an investigative journalist who goes undercover as a prostitute to expose the menace of forced protitution and trafficking. Òlòturé is not a happy story and definitely does not have a *redacted* ending, but it exposes the ills of modern slavery and the inhumane conditions that people go through in search of daily bread. 


Sure there may have been several other films with similar storylines, but Òlòturé’s plot is far from the usual. The script was well researched and written with serious intent and sought to tell the story explicitly, detailing every aspect of prostitution and human trafficking.


Òlòturé was directed by Kenneth Gyang, an unconventional but proven diretor who is excellent at telling uncomfortable real life stories with real life characters. He made it known from the onset that you’re in for a very uncomfortable ride with a captivating opening sequence. This initial tension and momentum was maintained from start to finish thanks to excellent storytelling and great pacing. Kenya Gyang is also a director who is able to tell complex plots in the most simple ways, and if there was ever a time such simplicity was needed it was with this film. From a brilliant script, he tells a story bout the very vast world of modern slavery with with great emotional depth, all under an hour and fourty six minutes


Very few films have a perfect cast and Òlòturé is one of them.  Oloture’s ensemble cast delivered very real and emotional performances that truly reflect the world of trafficking and its perils. 


Asides from being a great director, Keneth Gyang also has an excellent taste in music and that was evident throughout the movie. The music in Òlòturé were an integral part of the movie and helped convey every emotion and mood at every point of the movie.


It is obvious that this was a passion project with the level of seriousness put into every aspect of it. The movie was well thought of, well researched and well executed. Òlòturé also  didn’t fall into the trap many films with such a message fall into, that is to ignore the fact that it is cinema. Choosing Keneth Gyang to direct was another brilliant decision, as this is right down his alley. He crafted a compelling picture from an important story. Òlòturé is definitely one of the films of the year.

Editor’s Rating: 9/10. Because nothing is perfect, and the 1 is for God. 

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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