12 Pictures that prove that the Bible is real

Holy Bible

Many people base their belief on God and the Bible on faith. Awesome. But sometimes it is difficult convincing non-believers that some of the things that happened in the bible did happen. Sometimes we just want to reaffirm our belief in the authenticity of the word. Sometimes we just want to see the things we’ve read about in the holy book. Whatever your reasons are, see pictures of places that prove that the bible is real. As curated by @TumiYukii

  1. The burial box inscribed “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus”, which was tested and proved authentic

John and James tomb

  1. The altar of the golden calf on mount Sinai

altar of the golden calf on mount Sinai

  1. This footprint found in South Africa (read Genesis 6 and learn of the Nephilim/Giants)


  1. King Herod’s palace

King Herod palace

  1. The gospel of John in Greek, found in Egypt and dates back to 250 AD. (Wayyyy after Christian persecution and when they fled Israel)

John the greek

  1. Lazarus’s tomb

Lazarus' Tomb

  1. Deborah’s grave (from the book of Judges)

Deborah's Grave

  1. A copy of the 10 commandments that dates back to the time of King Solomon that was found in America

10 commandments

  1. This talks about king Nebuchadnezzar’s capture of the Israelites in 597 BC (Old Testament )


  1. Ruins of the Hittites (Esau married two of them haha) & scientists said they didn’t exist till they found this!


  1. What’s left of sodom & Gomorrah (ash) lol

Sodom and Gomorrah

  1. King Solomon put up this pillar of where the Israelites crossed the Red Sea

King Solomon pillar


Curated by @TumiYukii

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