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10 Signs You Are in a Toxic Relationship

Relationships are beautiful yet demanding, and it takes a lot of effort from both participants to make it work.

However, relationships cannot always be rosy and while there will ups and downs from time to time, there are some telltale signs that things are no longer working and the relationship is beginning to take its toll.

Here is a list of ten signs that suggest that your relationship might no longer be worth it.

1. No sense of security

When your partner keeps putting you in a situation where you are in constant doubt of their loyalty or the future of the relationship, then you should definitely reassess your position.

2. Zero communication

No mater how much love and affection there is in the relationship, when communication begins to deteriorate, all those feelings will gradually fade away, and misunderstandings will begin to occur more frequently.

3. You feel unappreciated or disrespected

No matter how hard you try to make the relationship better, all your efforts are ignored and unappreciated, this is a clear sign that the relationship might not be worth your time or efforts.

4. Lack of trust

Successful and enjoyable relationships are built on some level of trust. When paranoia starts to creep in from any of the parties, the relationship is taking a downhill turn. It is best to reassess yourself or your partner and deal with the lack of trust

5. Negative energy

Relationships cannot be all smiles all the time, there will definitely be sometimes when the mood is down, but when this occurs more often, then the relationship is getting toxic. There should be an air of positive energy and joy in your relationship, otherwise you are probably with the wrong person.

6. Physical abuse

Violent young man threatening his girlfriend with his fist outdoors

This is definitely the height of toxicity in any relationship. There is no point enduring when its gets to physical abuse, the relationship is a lost cause and should be ended.

7. Unnecessary drama

Frequent arguments, unfounded paranoia, can raise stress levels, and with all the other regular life struggle to worry about, such drama should be avoided as often as possible

8. You do not feel any growth

If you are not growing in your relationship, then its time to move on because this might eventually affect your overall growth as an individual.

9. It feels one sided

Relationships thrive on reciprocity, hence, when there is no give and take or when it feels like you are the only one putting effort in trying to make the relationship work, then maybe there is no future anymore.

10. The relationship is based on ultimatums

When love is no longer a factor in the relationship, and threats and ultimatums are what keeps it going, then the relationship is not worth keeping

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.


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