25 Most Talked About Nollywood Movies

Nollywood releases thousands of movies every year, while some are unremarkable and we don’t even want to talk about them, there are some that stand out, grabs the audience, sending tongues wagging, critics scribbling away and hands tweeting. These movies are all the rave as everybody seems to have something to say about them. That said, we have come up with a list of 25 of the most talked about nollywood movies. Enjoy.

Last Flight to Abuja (2012)

Last flight to Abuja broke many grounds when it was released in 2012. From its star studded cast which included Jim Iyke, Omotola, Jide Kosoko, Ali Nuhu and British-Nigerian actor Hakeem Kae-Kazim, to the quality and scale of the production, last Flight to Abuja had Nigerians waxing lyrically about the renaissance of nollywood.  The movie was one of the most talked about nollywood movies for years, most especially because of its infamous air crash sequence, something that had never been done before in Nigerian cinema.

Mr Ibu (2004)

The combination of John Okafor and Osita Iheme (Pawpaw) in any movie is a recipe for laughter any day. Mr Ibu was definitely hilarious and established John Okafor as a top notch comic in Nollywood. Because of the popularity of the film, the name “Mr Ibu”, has become a widely accepted alias for the actor.

Aki na Ukwa (2003)

The movie launched the acting careers of Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze, making them household names in Nollywood. The movie chronicled the escapades and shenanigans of two brothers in a village. The movie paved way for several other films with a similar plot.

Osuofia in London (2003)

Arguably one of the most hilarious nollywood movies ever.   The movie was done on an unprecedented scale at that time and featured Nkem owoh in his prime. “Osuofia” was on everyone’s lips and despite the absence of social media Osuofia in London raved throughout Nigeria pioneered nollywood’s exposure to the rest of the world.

The wedding Party (2016)

The second highest grossing nollywod movie of all time, only bested by its own sequel. The wedding Party had all the glitz and glamour and all the stars you could think of. This was Kemi Adetiba’s directorial debut, and she debuted with a storm. The wedding Party was hugely popular both home and abroad. The hype was so much so that if you hadn’t watched it you were a slacker.

October 1 (2014)

Ace director Kunle Afolayan has been on a low lately, but in 2014 he turned heads with his film October 1. October 1 already had people talking a year before its release, people were astonished by its jaw dropping budget of over three hundred million naira, its historical setting and the overall grandeur of the production.  By the time it was released, the whole country went ballistic , everybody wanted to see and talk about the movie

Domitila (1996)

Domitila is a land mark film in the Nigeria movie industry, it served as a watershed for the now established run of films about single girls and their ill-adventures in big cities. Domitila told the story of a young girl who goes into prostitution in order to survive. The movie was an instant blockbuster as the name Domitila was n everyone’s lips. Domitila became another word for a girl with perverted morals.

Silent Night (1996)

Silent Night is a mixture of action and drama. The movie narrates the story a privileged young man, Stanley who joins a gang of armed robbers to satisfy his need for excitement. In the end his sentenced to death by a judge who happens to be his father. The movie stars Ramsey Noah, Emeka Ike Kate Henshaw among others.

Most Wanted (1996)

Most wanted was released the same year as silent night and shared similar genre. The movie was about a group of unemployed women who resort to armed robbery disguised as men. This was unprecedented because it depicted women as powerful anti-heroes and that definitely had people talking. The cast consisted of Liz Benson, Antar laniyan, Genevieve Nnaji to mention a few.

30 Days in Atlanta (2014)

The first nollywood film to enter the Guinness Book of Records, AY’s 30 Days in Atlanta was the talk of the town, stacking up 130 million naira in domestic box office alone. AY himself starred in the lead role as Akpos, a local champion who wins a 30 days holiday for two to the united States. This was an impressive feats it was the comedian’s first movie production. Most talked about about 30 days in Atlanta was the cast and its hilarious comedy.

The Figurine (2009)

Kunle Afolayan’s thriller broke new grounds in Nigerian cinema, especially with the scale of its production. The film had a star sudded cast and a truely Nigerian story. the figurine was loved by foth fans and critics as Nigerian marveled at Kunke Afolayan’s revolutionary film making.

Isakaba (2000)

Isakaba was Nollywood’s action film at its finest. Isakaba was a film about a group of vigilante boys fighting against social vices in their community. The movie resonated all over Nigeria, the name Isakaba was on everyone’s lips.

Living in Bondage (1992/1993)

Living in Bondage was released in two parts between 1992 and 1993. It tells the story of Andy (Keneth Okonkwo) who sacrifices his wife Merit in order to gain enormous wealth. The movie ushered in the trend of movies that contained themes of human sacrifices and money ritual. It has gone on to become a cult film and pop culture phenomenon in Nigeria. A sequel to be produced and directed by Ramsay Noah is in the works with some of the original cast set to make appearances.

Glamour Girls (1994)

After the success of his first film Living in Bondage, film maker Keneth Nnebue returned with glamour Girls. It was a daring and ambitious film, with several controversial scenes, especially the nude scene wit Eucharia Anunobi and Zack Orji. Glamour girls was a deviation from the popular themes of rituals and family chaos.

King of Boys (2018)

Kemi Adetiba’s sophomore film King of Boys was an instant hit, grossing over 245 million naira in box office. It had everything a great movie should possess, a diverse and insanely talented cast, a great story and an impeccable production quality. The film also contained several memorable lines and scenes that were on everyone’s lips and that will continue to resonate and become a part of pop culture.

Jenifa (2008)

Funke Akindele’s 2008 blockbuster “Jenifa” was both an audience and critics favourite. Despite the absence of cinema and the limited use of internet and social media, Jenifa still managed to break boundaries. The movie produced one of the most loved and talked about characters, played by Funke Akindele herself, for which she won an AMAA for best actress in a leading role. A sequel was released in 2011, followed by a television series which was launched in 2014 based on the character.

Karashika (1996)

Pop culture sensation and one of the most talked about nollywood movie characters, Karashika, was a film about a lady sent by Lucifer to earth, to kill, destroy and tempt people into hell. Krashika became another name for a beautiful girl with lose morals and evil intentions.

Blood Sisters (2003)

Directed by ace film maker Tchidi Chikere and staring Omotola jalade Ekehinde, Genevieve Nnaji and Patience Ozokwor, Blood sisters was definitely a favorite among movie lovers. It told the story of selfish desires jealousy and resentment between two sisters Gloria and Esther.

Lion Heart (2018)

Nollywood legend Genevieve Nnaji made her directorial debut with Lion Heart, a movie about Adaeze, portrayed by Genevieve who is in a race against time to save her fathers company. Boasting nollywood legends such as Pete Edochie, nkem Owoh and Kanayo .O. Kanayo, Lion Heart broke new grounds for nollywood, being the first Netflix original film to be produced in Nigeria. This was a feat that Nigerians savored. The movie was talked about both in the positive and negative light.

Igodo (1999)

A film about a quest into the evil forest to retrieve a sword that would save a village from troubled spirits and sorcery. Among the array of films with the supernatural genre at that time, Igodo stood out as a favorite. It starred Charles Okafor, Pete Edochie and Sam Dede.

93 Days (2016)

93 days tells the story of how the deadliest infectious disease, Ebola, arrived Lagos, and how 21 million people were affected. The movie was much talked about because of its central theme, Ebola. 93 Days went on to receive eight nominations at the 2017 AMAA.

Nneka the Pretty Serpent (1992)

The movie tells a story about Nneka, a mermaid disguised as human, whose mission on earth was to go after married men. This was nollywood supernatural at its best. The movie stared Ndidi Obi as Nneka, with kanayo .O. Kanayo and Sam Loco also appearing.

Sango (1996)

Sango had all the rave back then when it was released, most especially because of Wale Adebayo’s acting. The epic movie depicted the life and reign of Oba Sango who ruled as Alaafin of Oyo in the fifteenth century.

Agbara Nla aka the Ultimate Power (1992/1994)

Agbara Nla remains the most popular Mount Zion movie ever. While the movie was spiritual and entertaining, it also sent chills down your spine with scary scenes that will surely deprive you of sleep. The movie had a message, hell, heaven and the forces of good and evil are real. Agbara Nla made popular the term “Ayamatanga”

Blood Money (1997)

A true classic Nollywood occult movie, it told the story about a man who is lured into rituals and the occult world after losing his bank job. The film was directed by Chico Ejiro and stared Zach Orji, Kanayo .O. Kanayo, Francis Duru and Sam Dede.

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