Worst ads of 2019 by Live with Lynda

Youtuber LiveWithLynda recently released a compilation of the worst Nigerian ads of 2019, and she wasn’t afraid to call out the big names (see compilation video). From Zenith Bank to Indomie, Lynda pointed out the ads that made us cringe and shake our heads. These ads lacked concept, thought and execution, it also points out the need for companies and brands to put in more work in advertising and campaigns.

See the break down of Lynda’s compilation here.

APC Campaign

This advert is just all round wrong. Firstly, it looks like it was shot with the camera of a phone released in 2009, secondly, who hovers a broom over someone’s meal, thirdly, I get that it is a political ad targeted at a particular political party, but the concept could be better.

Ace Money Transfer

This had all the makings of fantastic advert, but it lacked execution. The acting was terrible and everything felt out of place. While it passed the message, it could have been better executed.

Zenith Children Account

I’ve always thought most Nigerian companies rely less on thought concept and execution and more on the face or the celebrity staring in the advert, and the ZECA is a testament to that. The message could really have been passed better with a better concept.


With the amount of revenue Opay boasts, one would think that they would put in more effort and resources into their ads. While the idea is not terrible, it could have done a lot with better execution.


I am pretty sure absolutely no one understood this advert when it was laughed, and no one still does. The company were probably in a hurry to showcase their new brand ambassador that every other element of the ad video.


Indomie has always given us memorable adverts like the iconic mama do good, however, this one is quite forgettable. From the concept to the acting and even the execution, Indome failed us and broke out trust.

Tiger Food Spices

This isn’t the advert we were looking for, the company probably too bad that they had to take it down. However, the one they left isn’t any better, it feels recycled and not remotely appealing.

If you think Lynda missed any, feel free to leave a comment.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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