Lagos’ neighbourhoods have much to offer tech bros, a vibrant city known for its economic opportunities, diverse culture, and burgeoning tech scene.

From hipster-friendly and trendy Lekki, upmarket Ikoyi, the tech hub of Yaba, and the calm of Magodo, there’s a home for every bro and sis. 

Whether you’re an experienced tech professional or a budding tech entrepreneur, here are some of the most favorable neighborhoods in Lagos to discover:


Living in Ikoyi as a tech professional provides a premium experience in one of Lagos, Nigeria’s most upscale neighborhoods. With access to a vibrant tech community and numerous tech companies and startups in Lagos, Ikoyi offers upscale amenities, upscale shopping centres, restaurants, and parks. The neighborhood is known for luxury apartments and villas with modern conveniences such as high-speed internet and 24-hour security. While Ikoyi has a high cost of living, it presents a great opportunity for a modern, cosmopolitan lifestyle with ample chances for career growth and personal development. 

With its blend of luxury living, cultural richness, and a thriving tech scene, Ikoyi is an ideal location for tech professionals seeking career advancement and a high-quality lifestyle in Lagos.


Choosing to live in Lekki as a tech professional presents several advantages. Lekki, a residential area in Lagos, Nigeria, known for its modern infrastructure, appeals to tech enthusiasts for the following reasons:

Access to Technology Hubs: Lekki houses prominent technology hubs like Co-creation Hub (CcHUB), Workstation, etc offering co-working spaces, training, and networking opportunities for tech professionals and startups.

Proximity to Tech Companies: The area hosts notable tech companies facilitating easy networking and access to employment opportunities.

Infrastructure: Lekki boasts good infrastructure, including well-paved roads, modern houses, and reliable electricity, providing a conducive environment for remote work or establishing your tech business.

Social Amenities: Lekki features numerous shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, and recreational centers, offering a variety of leisure options for residents.

Community: Living in Lekki enables interaction and networking with fellow tech professionals, fostering a supportive community and collaborative environment.

In summary, residing in Lekki as a tech professional brings access to technology hubs, proximity to tech companies, reliable infrastructure, social amenities, and a vibrant community, enhancing both professional and personal aspects of life.


Magodo, a thriving residential area in Lagos, offers tech bros an appealing lifestyle with proximity to key tech hubs, reliable infrastructure, and a safe community environment. With easy access to Ikeja, Yaba, and Victoria Island, commuting is convenient. Magodo provides essential amenities like good roads, stable electricity, and high-speed internet, alongside shopping malls and recreational centers. 

Known for safety and a strong community spirit, Magodo encourages networking through residents’ associations, making it an ideal choice for tech enthusiasts seeking comfort, security, and connectivity.


Residing in Ikeja as a tech enthusiast promises an enriching experience. Ikeja, a thriving commercial and residential district in Lagos, Nigeria, offers ample chances for networking, meetups, and exploration of numerous tech hubs.

Consider these aspects as a tech bros in Ikeja:

Co-working spaces

Tech hubs

Networking events



Living in Ikeja provides a rewarding journey for professional advancement and personal growth. Seize the city’s diverse resources, enjoy its amenities, and ensure your safety in its bustling urban environment.


Living in Gbagada as a tech professional offers a range of benefits. The area, bustling with young people, software engineers, and entrepreneurs, fosters networking, collaboration, and innovative projects. Known for affordable housing, excellent transportation links, and a growing tech scene, Gbagada provides a relaxed environment with a unique blend of convenience and comfort. 

Additionally, Gbagada offers ample recreational activities, including parks, eateries, and cinemas, catering to diverse leisure preferences. Overall, Gbagada stands out as an ideal locale for tech bros seeking a vibrant community and a balanced lifestyle in Lagos.


Yaba, emerging as a premier destination for tech professionals in Lagos, is a lively hub for banks, schools, and tech enterprises, fostering innovation in Nigeria. 

With the highest concentration of tech hubs in the city, Yaba offers a conducive environment with easy access to resources, internet, and collaborative opportunities. Mark Zuckerberg’s 2019 visit reinforced its standing as a tech innovation center. 

Noteworthy for its safety and proximity to key areas, Yaba is an ideal choice for tech enthusiasts seeking a secure and well-connected community, providing a comprehensive environment for living, working, and socializing.


Residing in Maryland, Lagos, as a tech enthusiast means immersing yourself in the forefront of technological innovation. This area is a hub for technology startups and multinational IT giants, all keen on capitalizing on the burgeoning tech landscape. The benefits of living in Maryland are significant, as you become part of a large community of tech professionals dedicated to fostering global connectivity and productivity.

Engage with the latest technology trends while embracing a dynamic new culture and lifestyle. Navigating this area is seamless, thanks to its well-connected transportation system, encouraging exploration.

Notably, Maryland provides stable electricity, a crucial factor for tech bros. Living in this part of Lagos offers an exciting opportunity to dive into the heart of Nigerian digital business, immerse yourself in a vibrant culture, and propel your career forward.


Surulere is a popular neighborhood in Lagos, especially Ojuelegba, which connects Victoria Island and Lagos Island. It’s known for being lively and well-placed. Many different types of people live there, like families, students, politicians, artists, and tech professionals. The neighborhood is inclusive and welcoming, making it easy for everyone to fit in without facing discrimination or cultural differences.


Ajah, a burgeoning suburb in southeastern Lagos, Nigeria, is gaining prominence with a thriving economy and a dynamic real estate market. For tech professionals considering living in Ajah, here are key considerations:

Affordable Housing: Ajah offers a variety of housing options at affordable prices compared to other Lagos areas, including apartments, houses, and townhouses suitable for different budgets.

Proximity to Tech Hubs: Positioned near tech hubs like Victoria Island and Lekki, Ajah provides easy access to job opportunities and networking events within the tech industry.

Good Infrastructure: Ajah boasts solid infrastructure, encompassing well-maintained roads, healthcare facilities, schools, and recreational centers, enhancing its overall appeal.

Relaxing Environment: If seeking a quieter setting, Ajah provides neighborhoods with serene and peaceful surroundings, offering a sense of calm for unwinding after a busy workday.

Choosing to live in Ajah can provide tech professionals with affordable housing options, proximity to tech hubs, good infrastructure, and a tranquil environment, making it a compelling choice for those looking to balance work and lifestyle.


Lagos State, often dubbed the “city that never sleeps,” is renowned for its perpetual traffic and high cost of living. While living in Lagos presents its challenges, strategic choices regarding residence and lifestyle can significantly alleviate these issues. 

Knowing where to reside and how to navigate daily expenses can mitigate common troubles, including financial concerns. Making informed choices and finding the ideal living situation contributes to a more favorable experience in Lagos. This holds true for tech professionals, or “tech bros,” who can enhance their living conditions by choosing the right location and lifestyle in this dynamic city.

Written by Seunfunmi Joshua

Seunfunmi is a Publicist, Filmmaker, Writer & Producer of Live Events..

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