Sunday Lunch COMBOS that is not Jollof Rice

Naija food combos

Unique and Delicious Food Combos

Sunday lunch combos in Nigerian homes is a special tradition. Families and friends come together to share a delicious meal. The air is filled with yummy smells, and the table is filled with all kinds of Nigerian dishes, showing off the country’s diverse and tasty food. These meals are more than nourishment; they serve as symbols of life, family, and deep-rooted traditions. 

Some popular Sunday lunch combinations in Nigerian households include: 

  1. Fried Rice & Protein with Sides (Salads, Plantains, Moin Moin): Rice mixed with colorful veggies and different meats, seasoned with spices like curry and thyme, usually served with fried plantains, veggies (salads), and your choice of meat like chicken or beef.
Photo Credit: Bella Naija
Photo Credit: Bella Naija
  1. Beans and Plantain: Beans and Plaintain (Dodo) is one of the healthy lunch combos in Nigeria. The softness of the beans accompanied with the softness of the dodo makes this combo a very delightful meal. This meal is particularly rich in folate, zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium, fibre, and more. What a nice meal to have, no?
  1. Swallow and Soup: In some areas, you might see dishes like Pounded Yam & Egusi, Eba & Efo, or Amala, Ewedu & Gbegiri served.  There’s enough variety when it’s Swallow and that depends on tribe or craving per time. Ewedu and Amala for example is one of the top lunch ideas in Nigeria, especially in the South-Western part of the country.  A great Nigerian lunch idea because of how filling it is despite its moderate calorie count.
Photo Credit: @idigohC (X)

  1. Boiled yam and Egg sauce: They call it underrated for a reason. Yam and eggs are commonly found on Nigerian tables. Whether boiled or fried, paired with a flavorful egg sauce, it’s always a crowd-pleaser! This dish is satisfying and can keep you energised all day, providing both carbohydrates and protein. Yam and egg sauce are quick and easy to prepare.
  1. Rice and Stew: Rice is a frequent guest on our plates, and we’ve all heard the joke about it growing on the heads of Nigerians! Rice and stew is a classic lunch choice in Nigeria. It’s typically served with a side of protein like chicken, fish, or beef. Some folks like to add extras like moi-moi or plain cooked beans to mix things up.
Photo Credit: @licia_voice (X)

These are just a few examples of Sunday lunch combos in Nigeria that showcase the different delicious flavors. They bring families and friends together for a special meal and celebrate the diversity of Nigerian cuisine.

Written by Seunfunmi Joshua

Seunfunmi is a Publicist, Filmmaker, Writer & Producer of Live Events..

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