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Sufferings of all the major Game of Thrones characters

Sufferings of the Game of Thrones Characters

Game of Thrones is the most important show ever made (not interested in any arguments) and as we inch closer to the release of the final season, we have curated the ‘travails’ of the major characters.

You can only enjoy this if you have watched the show. Scratch that; you won’t be here if you do not watch the show. So, enjoy.

Ned Stark:

  • Forced to leave home and be the Hand of the king
  • Attacked by Jamie and his men. Leg speared, men killed
  • Betrayed by Peter Baelish, and imprisoned after refusing Joffrey’s claim to the throne. His household killed off.
  • Beheaded after confessing to his ‘crimes’

Jon Snow:

  • Mistreated in his ‘fathers’ house
  • Sent to the Nightswatch
  • Bullied by Sir Alister
  • Beaten up by Craster
  • Abducted by the Wildlings
  • Got shot by Ygritte
  • Fought the Wildings at The Wall
  • Held Ygritte his lover as she died
  • Fought the battle of Hardhome
  • Killed by his men of the Nightswatch
  • Fought the battle of bastards after losing his brother
  • ‘Imprisoned’ by Daenerys when he went South to Parley
  • Went beyond the wall again, almost died

Catelyn Tully Stark:

  • Almost died defending Bran (who was bedridden) from an assassin.
  • Lost her husband.
  • Carried the burden of not knowing the fate of her children
  • Witnessed the death of her son just before she was killed


  • Had her Direwolf killed in place of Nymera who bit Joffery
  • Watched her father beheaded
  • Forced to see her father’s head on a spike
  • Almost raped during the riot that happened when they went to send off Marcela Baratheon (Lannister)
  • Married to King Joffery beratheon, and then to Tyrion Lanister
  • Remained Joffery’s captive even after their marriage ended
  • Manipulated by Little Finger
  • Became a prisoner, rather than a wife to Ramsay Bolton
  • Raped by Ramsay Bolton
  • Watched her brother die

Theon Greyjoy:

  • Taken ‘hostage’ as a boy
  • Basically rejected by his father when he ‘returned’ home
  • Lost his soul while trying to prove he is Iron Born – by taking Winterfell
  • Taken hostage, tortured and humiliated by Ramsay Bolton
  • Mentally weakened as a result of the torment received from Ramsay Bolton
  • Became oblivious of his identity as a result of his mental problems
  • Finally returned home, but went into exile because his uncle Euron had returned


  • Sent Nymera away when she bit Joffery, then ran away.
  • Was found by Lannister men and accused of lying. This resulted in the death of Lady and the farm boy, her friend
  • Watched her dancing master fight his last
  • Ran away and lived on the streets after her father was locked up
  • Watched her father get beheaded
  • Disguised as a boy on the journey back to the north
  • Held hostage by Lannister men, after their entourage was attacked by those in search of Gendry – Robert Baratheon’s bastard
  • Served as Tywin’s cup bearer
  • Kidnapped and held captive by Sandor Clegane
  • Arrived The Crossing just as his family was killed at the red wedding
  • Lived on the streets after she was rejected at the House of Black and White
  • Beaten and made to wash corpses at the house of Black and White
  • Made to go blind by Jaqen h’ghar
  • Stabbed repeatedly by the Waif, but escapes


  • Pushed from the tower when he saw Jamie and Cersei
  • Was in a coma for weeks, woke up a cripple
  • Was almost killed by wildlings including Osha
  • Forced to yield Winterfell to Theon
  • Escaped Winterfell and began his journey to the wall
  • Basically went through hell and horror as he became the Third Eyed Raven
  • Bears the responsibility for breaking Hodor’s mind and his eventual death


  • Never fully received the love and care he deserved. He was still a baby when both parents had to leave.
  • Made the journey to the north as a toddler
  • Separated from his brother Bran
  • His direwolf Shaggydog is decapitated by Ramsay Bolton
  • Killed by an arrow

Jamie Lannister:

  • Taunted with kingslayer all his life for killing the mad king
  • Served as kings guard, humiliated by the king who made him stand guard whenever he was with other women
  • Imprisoned after losing a battle with Stark men.
  • Re-imprisoned after killing his cousin and escaping
  • He has his hand cut off by a sell-sword of Roose Bolton, named Locke
  • Loses all three of his children
  • Caught in between love and loyalty for Cersei and doing the right thing

Tyrion Lannister:

  • Born a dwarf
  • ‘Killed’ his mother while being born
  • Hated by his father and elder sister
  • Survives a murder attempt on his life which gives him a scar across his face
  • Accused of killing King Joffery Beratheon
  • He is imprisoned in a tower cell of the Red Keep
  • Kills his mistress, Shae, whom he genuinely loved
  • Kidnapped by Jorah Mormont
  • Taken prisoner by the slavers

Brienne of Tarth:

  • Mother died when she was so young that she doesn’t remember her
  • All her siblings died in childhood
  • She is constantly mocked as a result of her physical appearance
  • Watched her king – Renly Baratheon get killed by a shadow in the likeness of Stannis. Had to run away because people thought she did it
  • Bound by her vow to Catelyn Stark to protect her daughters
  • Fought (and finally beat) The Hound

Cersei Lanister

  • At a young age she was told that she would become a queen, but she would be cast down by another and more beautiful queen
  • She was married to Robert Baratheon in a political marriage
  • Her husband did not love her, and mocked her by sleeping with other women
  • Her first son who she bore for Robert died shortly after his death
  • Her daughter Princess Myrcella was taken to Dorne to seal a truce by her brother Tyrion
  • Watched her son Joffrey die after being poisoned
  • Raped by Jamie right in front of her son’s corpse
  • Imprisoned by the High Sparrow
  • Made to do the walk of shame
  • Her daughter Myrcella died just as she was arriving King’s Landing
  • Wasn’t allowed to go to her daughter’s burial
  • Her last child committed suicide

Daenerys Targaryen

  • Her mother died soon after her birth
  • Went into exile with her older brother Viserys
  • Married off to Khal Drogo so he would give her brother an army
  • She gave birth to a stillborn and deformed child
  • Loses her husband
  • Trekked the desert looking for a place for herself, her dragons and the Dothraki Horde
  • Her travails in Qarth
  • Attacked by Sons of the Harpy
  • Taken prisoner by another Dothraki Horde
  • One of her dragons is killed by the Night King

Jorah Mormont

  • Married a woman he couldn’t afford to maintain
  • Caught, disgraced and stripped of his Lordship, Lands and Titles after he was caught selling poachers into slavery; an illegal act in Westeros
  • He fled to Essos to avoid being executed by his Liege Lord, Ned Stark
  • Fell in love with Daenerys who put him in the friendzone
  • Banished by Daenerys after he was revealed as a spy
  • Attacked by Stonemen and infected with greyscale
  • Captured by slavers, and made to fight gladiator style
  • Banished again by Daenerys
  • Told his greyscale condition had no cure and left to die at the Citadel

Davos Seaworth

  • Got his fingers chopped off at Stannis’ orders, because he was a smuggler.
  • Watched his son die by fire at the battle of the Blackwater
  • Imprisoned for disagreeing with the Red Woman
  • Bore the loss of Shireen Baratheon, who he loved like a daughter


  • Hodor
  • Hodor
  • Hodor
  • Hold the door

Did we miss any character, or any ‘suffering’? Share in comments

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