9 Richest Beggars in the World

How many times have you looked at beggars on the streets and wondered how much they make? You’ll be surprised to find out how lucrative the venture is. Begging has become a profession for some people and they have managed to live a comfortable and often lavish life from the practice.

Here is a list of people who have managed to make a cool living from begging.

Simon Wright

Simon Wright is a 38 years old professional beggar who spends at least 8 hours every day and extra time on weekends begging on the streets of London begging for money from passers by. Wright makes around 50,000 pounds per year and lives in a 300,000 pounds flat.


Eisha was a blind 100 year old woman who spent most of her days begging for money in the streets of Jeddah. When she eventually died, its was discovered that she wasn’t as poor as she appeared to be. When her will was read, it turned out she had 3 million Saudi Riyal, which translates to about 800,000 dollars in cash. Eisha also had 260,000 dollars worth of jewelry. She also owned 4 buildings in the Al-Balad district of Jeddah. However, Eisha left all her assets to the homeless people she knew from the streets.

Sambhaji Kale

Sambhaji along with his family of four spend their bays begging for money on the streets of Mumbai, India. The whole family make thousands of rupees each day which enables them save at least 40,000 rupees in the bank monthly. Sambhaji also owns a flat in Mumbai and two homes in Solapur city.

Bharat Jain

Bharat is an Indian professional beggar who makes around 75, 000 rupees every month. He owns two apartments in Patel Nagar as well as a shop where he pays a monthly rent of 10,000 rupees.

Sarvatia Devi

Sarvtia Devi is another beggar from India who lives a fairly comfortable life compared to most Indians. From her earnings as a beggar, Sarvatia is able to pay 36,000 rupees annually as an insurance premium.

Ted Williams

Ted Williams was initially a very poor beggar who roamed the streets of Ohio. One day, a reporter noticed his singing talent and made a video wich was uploaded to YouTube. The video went viral and today he’s a millionaire beggar.

Malana Khan

Malana Khan is another professional beggar who spends 8 hours begging for money from passers by. After a day of begging, he changes from rags to better clothes and goes home to his flat.

Krishna Kumar gite

Krishna wakes up every morning and goes to his favourite spot to beg for money. He saves around 1500 rupees daily from ti=his practice earns better than those who he begs from. At the end of the day, Krishna goes home to his comfortable flat.

Irwin Corey

Irwin Corey has been begging for over 17 years on 35th street in Manhattan. Prior to begging, he was an actor and comedian who performed alongside the likes of Woody Allen. He lives in a 3.5 million dollars home. However, the proceeds from his begging go to charity in Cuba to cater for medical supplies for children.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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