Top 5 old school Christmas day-out locations

Sometimes, don’t you just want to go back to the days when things were less complicated, when you knew what your Christmas was going to be like and where exactly you were going to spend it. While variety is indeed the spice of life, you can’t help but reminisce about those old, routine but unforgettable Christmas experiences.

In the spirit of nostalgia below are the top 5 old school Christmas day-out locations

Mr Bigg’s

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Before KFC, Dominoes and every other new school fast food, Mr Bigg’s was the ‘OG’, the unrivaled restaurant brand in Nigeria and the ultimate outing location during Christmas. Families, couples and virtually everyone who celebrated Christmas trooped into the fast-food restaurant to celebrate the festivities. Even if you hadn’t gone all year, you’ll be sure that December 25th was definitely not going to pass you by.


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Tantalizers was the ever reliable alternative to Mr Bigg’s, they offered virtually everything Mr Bigg’s offered and was usually fully packed as well. While many people might have preferred Mr Bigg’s, Tantalizers was my personal favorite to be honest.

Apapa Amusement Park

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After the donuts and ice cream, the Apapa Amusement park was the next destination where hours on different amusement rides and roller-coasters either made you throw up or feel dizzy, either way none of that mattered because the thrill felt like a drug. Don’t forget the infamous ‘ghost house’ which gave me nightmares for several nights.

Bar beach

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Nowadays, beaches do not hold as much significance as it did during Christmas in the past. The beach, particularly bar beach was the go-to location for the festive the season. After filling up at your favorite fast food restaurant, the family moved the celebrations to the beach where you played with the water, made sand castles and enjoyed horseback rides.


I don’t think there’s any school back then that didn’t take their students to NTA’s annual Christmas party. Schools took turns everyday in the month of December and students looked forward to being seen on TV later in the night on the news. It was in one of these visits with my school that I overcame my fear of Santa clause

Written by Emeka Nweze

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