Stories of the alleged victims in the Glory Osei Scandal

A popular entrepreneur, Gloria Osei and her husband, Muyiwa Folorunsho, have been caught up in a hot scandal after a twitter user called them out for running a fraudulent company and maltreating their employees. The twitter user went on to reveal her experiences while working at the company as well as the alleged fraud that went on.

Following the initial revelations, more people came out to tell their own stories, thereby adding more credibility to the first story.

The episode began when Glory Osei posted a tweet about a restructuring going on at her company “hyberfactory” and how there were openings for job seekers. The tweet was soon answered by a twitter user who went on to reveal the happenings on Gloria’s company. The following thread followed.

Apparently, Ada was not the only one to have experienced the alleged ill treatment and fraud that went on in Glory and Muyiwa’s company. More people saw this as an opportunity to tell their own stories and experiences.

Another twitter user went on to share a letter for another alleged victim.

More stories went viral.

anotyer one

And of course, twitter went berserk as reactions flooded everywhere.

Glory Osei has since released a statement addressing the issue

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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