Spoiler free review of Sugar Rush

When I saw the premise and cast of Sugar Rush, I knew that I was either going to absolutely love it or completely hate it. However, after seeing it I am actually conflicted and downcast because while I enjoyed some parts, I can’t help but feel like a whole lot more could have been done.

Anyway, here is my review of Sugar Rush


The story revolves around sisters who unwittingly discover a lot of money from the scene of a blood bath and how the events that follow change their lives forever. Just like every other Nollywood movie released these days, Sugar Rush is a larger than life story about ambition, betrayal, crime, fake life, you already know how it goes. However, even though it didn’t feel original, it was still intriguing with somewhat relatable characters and cheerful denouement.


The writing could have done with more identity and precision, one time it’s comedy another time it’s drama. It felt all over the place, almost made me dizzy at times. As usual, there were unnecessary scenes, either to fill up space or to unsuccessfully give the movie some kind of emotional depth that to be honest it really didn’t need. On the flip side, I did enjoy all the plot twist even though we saw 80% of them coming.


Acting was where the movie really shone, the casting was fantastic and every character was delivered with aplomb. I’ve never really been a fan of Banky W’s acting but I must say, he was really believable as a ruthless son of a criminal. 

Special effects

We rarely get to review special effects on Nollywood movies because they are almost non-existent, and when they do appear, it’s better not to speak of them. However, the special effects in sugar rush deserves an A+ and a standing ovation. From the accident scene to the invisible car and the awe-inspiring sequence of Banky w dusting bullets like A man of Steel. I stan!


To be honest I don’t know if the script didn’t do the director much favours or the director didn’t know how to interpret the material appropriately. I really could not ascertain whether the director was trying to make a funny movie or a dramatic movie. While props should be given to the director on some sequences like the chase and gun battle scenes, he failed to skillfully combine all the elements to deliver a quality picture as a whole.


Sugar rush had all the makings of a great movie but ultimately felt like something I had seen before and never wanted to see again but this time remade to be rewatchable. It seems like the best way to sell a film these days is to incorporate excessive comic relief and slapstick even though we could really do without them. Sugar rush would have done better if the writers did not try to use comedy to cover up some loopholes caused by lazy writing. The film makers tried to make a lot of things happen without having a particular focal point. In the end it is just another feel good Nollywood movie with a star packed cast, a happy ending and no real substance or take away.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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