7 Kinds of People You Don’t Need in your Life

Relationships are important to human existence because no one can truly exist on their own. It is therefore pertinent to go into positive and uplifting relationships that will make you a better person and at the same time cut yourself off those that constantly give you stress and are filled with negativity.

Hence, when do you draw the line on friendships?, what traits should be seen as warning signals in any relationship? These questions need to be answered in order to maintain healthy relationships that add value to you and as well help you get rid of those that do not.

Here are 7 characters that should have no place in your life

1. Liars

There are friends who constantly lie to you about others and about you to others. They also sometimes lie to exploit you or appeal to your conscience, they never tell you the truth when ever you are taking wrong steps and this can be harmful. A good friendship should be built on honesty and trust and when there isn’t any, its time to go your separate ways.

2. The ones who never take blame

Experts at the blame game, they never own up to their mistakes and shortcomings, rather they pass the blame around looking for a scapegoat. They are always the victims and it is never their fault! It is either they are blaming the government, their parents, their colleagues or their background. Their blame game eventually keeps them from moving forward or actually achieving something. If you do not stay away from such people, you could be the next to take a blame.

3. The ones who are always negative

These are the people who are always worried, pessimistic, anxious, depressed and sad. These traits spread like a contagious disease and you need to stand your ground and say “bad energy stay far away”. You need a positive outlook to life and being in proximity with these people will prevent that. Get rid of negativity otherwise in no time you will find yourself being dragged down.

4. Manipulative and exploitative people

There are people in your life who are just there to use your friendship for their personal gains. It might be for connections, a job or your generosity, their intentions are just never pure. These people are just there in your life temporarily and will find their way once their goal is achieved. Identify such people in your life and get rid of them immediately because they do not value you as a person

5. Straight up time wasters

There are people in your life who do not add value to your life and hanging around them always seems like a total waste of time. Conversations with these type of people are usually repetitive, bland and trivial. Identify those kind of people around you and gradually cut them off

6. Gossips

These ones always have gist about other people, they know who has achieved what and how, they also know those who have one problem or the other. If you stay with such people and enjoy their gossips, you will one day become the subject of their gossips to some other person.

7. Drama magnets

These ones just love drama and aren’t afraid to stir up trouble even when it is unnecessary. These kind of people thrive in crisis and often attract problems because they are never calm. They might appear to be fighting for you at times when the drama is on your case, however, diplomacy is often the better approach.

Note: While you are cutting friends with the above listed traits, make sure to check yourself and ascertain whether you possess any of the traits.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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