Nigerians join the rest of the world to March For Science

March For Science Nigeria

A group of Nigerians including science advocates and biotechnology enthusiasts took to the streets to march for science today, May 4, 2019. The march which is part of a global event organized by individuals, teams, and groups who share a mission to promote science in all spheres of life, was held in Abuja, and participants ranged from farmers to academics to science communicators, journalists and even young kids.

At the march, the Nigerian coordinator of OFAB (Open Forum For Agricultural Biotechnology), Dr Rose Gidado reiterated the urgent need to mitigate climate change.

“The need for a united action in support of science is necessary because our leaders continue to delay climate action. Science continues to be sidelined at our federal agencies. We need to keep making our voices heard.”

Nigeria has been one of the countries that have consistently participated in the march for science because of the nations firm belief on the importance of science and the role it plays in our everyday life. This year’s March for Science, seeks to highlight the need for science-based climate action and healthcare, as well as the importance of science education.

Science holds the key to constant development and improvement for addressing climate change, food shortage and challenges in medicine.

The release of dangerous pesticides into the environment during farming by farmers is very detrimental to the environment but the signing of the Biosafety Bill into Law in Nigeria gave the nation the nexus to practice modern agricultural biotechnology which is very key in fighting climate change.

The recent approval by the government for the environmental release of Bt cotton and Bt cowpea would help farmers use less pesticides in planting these crops which invariably means less release of dangerous pesticides into the atmosphere, and more produce from their farm.

Biotechnology is the way to go because the use of genetically modified crops in the agricultural sector would help in the reconstruction, revival and rejuvenation of the sector as well as enhance food security.

See more photos from the march.

Michael, Nkechi and Okon, Fellows of the Cornell Alliance For Science
Michael Etim, Nkechi Isaac and Okon Unung, Fellows of the Cornell Alliance For Science
National Vice President, All Farmers Association of Nigeria, Chief Dan Okafor
National Vice President, All Farmers Association of Nigeria, Chief Dan Okafor
Dr Rose Gidado (Ofab Coordinator)
Dr Rose Gidado (Ofab Coordinator)

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