7 Nollywood Rom-com Movies That Will Have You Craving Love

A good rom-com always leaves you with the feeling of ecstasy, you’ll jump out of the couch in a good mood, thanks to an endorphin rush induced by laughter. Romantic films are popular among adults because they often tell stories about love, companionship, and relationships whilst providing you with an insight into the complexity of human emotions and relationships.

Over the years, while Nollywood may not have taken enough credits, there’s unwavering evidence that Nigerians excel at rom-coms with the level of movies churned out in this ever growing genre. Perhaps we just need it more and more. 

These seven (7) Nigerian romantic comedies are so amazing that we can’t recommend them enough.


This Nollywood story is unique, elegant, and distinctly Nigerian. This is the perfect love story if you want to laugh a lot and feel happy for a change. The stellar cast, which includes Dakore Egbuson, Marc Rhys, Jemima Osunde, Joseph Benjamin, and others, didn’t disappoint either. 

From “when is she getting married” to a dramatic triangle of love involving an “Oyinbo” man and a typical “Nigerian husband material.” Isoken is one of the best Nollywood rom-com movies, ask around. 

The Wedding Party 

We’ve all probably seen The Wedding Party, but let’s recap for those who may not have seen it just yet. Adesua Etomi plays a cute bride as Banky W plays her groom in this endearing, feel-good movie. As they prepare for their historic Nigerian wedding, they navigate the chaos caused by their relatives, friends, and ex-partners. This is among the greatest Nigerian films ever produced.

Big Love 

This is arguably one of the best movies directed by Biodun Stephen. You will be forced to smile in the most corny ways during the last few scenes of Big Love. Evoking this sort of reaction is what Stephen does best. The cast and storyline were superb as well.  

Kambili – The Whole 30 Yards

Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions while watching Kambili; one minute you would be in love with it, and the next you would be yelling at your TV to do something. The story centers on a woman who is almost 29 years old, and has a number of personal red flags. She wants to get married before she turns 30 but her plan is derailed when her boyfriend dumps her. She then goes out of her way to show him that she is the kind of wife he has been waiting for. 

Overall, it’s a delightful watch! 

The Royal Hibiscus Hotel

In the 2017 film The Royal Hibiscus Hotel, a Nigerian chef living in London visits her mother in Nigeria, who is keen to help her find love. When she returns home, she discovers her family’s hotel in disarray and is determined to turn it around. She discovers in the midst of everything that the man she is in love with is also the one purchasing the hotel. Zainab Balogun, Kenneth Okolie, Kemi Lala Akindoju, Jide Kosoko, Toni Tones, O.C. Ukeje, and numerous other gifted Nollywood actors are among the film’s cast members.

Potato Potahto

Given their great chemistry, O.C. Ukeje and Joselyn Dumas in a film together has to be TV gold. A divorced couple decides it’s best to share equal space in their home, things absolutely go crazy. 

You will love it.

When Love Happens

Moduroti (Mo) Bankole-Smith, a wedding planner who grew weary of organizing weddings for everyone but herself, is the subject of the charming romantic comedy When Love Happens. Mo turns to the internet, determined to end her bad luck and land a man.

Written by Seunfunmi Joshua

Seunfunmi is a Publicist, Filmmaker, Writer & Producer of Live Events..

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