10 things you should know about being an Access Bank Intern

No 8 is very important

  1. The ARC

Access Bank ARC
The ARC – Access Recreation Center, shot at night

The Access Recreational Center, Christened The Arc is a building directly opposite the HQ Tower that houses the Canteen, a Sport Bar, Crèche and Gym. All interns have complete access to these facilities – the delicious dishes served at the canteen, the sport bar – where they could watch matches, play billiards, etc; and the world-class gym – where they could work out and keep their fitness 100. Love this place.

Access Bank
The Gym


Access Bank Gym
Working it
  1. Salary

What is better than getting paid to learn in a world-class organization? Only very few things – only very few things, I tell you. But what is even better is that the remuneration for Access Bank interns is above industry standard, and very attractive. What other motivation do you need?

Access Bank
The Library

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