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Threads: What Nigerian tribe has the most beautiful people?

Feature Image credit: @Laeei and @mynd_Ug

Nigerian tribes

It all began with a thread of Igbo ladies. In a few hours, our eyes were glued to our screens as we witnessed South Eastern queens in all their magnificence. Then Yoruba ladies decided to make their own thread and the hot sauce continued. Then Igbo men, then Yoruba men, then Arewa people, then … hold up. The Nigerian tribe threads are still developing as we type this. So go check them out. We have selected some entries we think are really really hot. Enjoy, share.

  1. The Igbo Queens

  1. The Yoruba Ladies

  1. The Igbo Kings

  1. The Yoruba demons

  1. The Northern princesses

And for the other tribes, KraksTV has got you.


These threads are still developing. Find your option and drop your dope pictures.


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