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    5 Steps The Government Can Take To Prevent Flooding In Lagos

    Lagos is prone to flooding, and it is not difficult to understand why.  Global warming has led to rising sea levels which makes the situation even worse. However, it is possible to limit the excessive flooding and mitigate its effects. Coastal cities such as  Rotterdam, Dar es Salaam, Miami, among others are constantly putting measures […]

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    Top 10 Most Valuable Football Clubs In Africa

    The likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United are ranked among the top most valued sport franchises in the world with with values exceeding $1 billion. Although not all European clubs can boast of such mind-blowing figures, especially with the impact of the coronavirus. However, how exactly do African clubs compare to their counterparts […]

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    All The Powers In Project Power Ranked

    In recent years, we’ve seen countless superhero movies, with all sorts of powers and abilities, most of them coming from other planets. Project Power is different, the powers do not come from mutation, or from exposure to Tesseract energy and the powers are not permanent, which makes it interesting. The abilities in Project Power come […]

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    Ranking The Top 5 Ships On BBNaija Season 5

    Relationship drama is a constant on Big Brother Naija, and over the years we’ve seen some some “awww” inspiring ones and some others that were interesting. This season has arguably brought the most relationship drama in BBNaija history. Almost every housemate is either in a ship, triangle or entanglement. We have decided to rank all […]

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    6 Inventors Who Appologised For Their Inventions

    Usually, the first feeling that comes to the mind of an inventor after a breakthrough creation is elation and fulfillment. But when these inventions are misused or its original intentions are corrupted, that happiness often turns into regret.  Often times, simple inventions aimed at solving basic problems are exploited and used for deleterious purposes knowingly […]