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    30 Noteworthy Events in Nigeria’s History

    Nigeria is a country with a rich history, several noteworthy events have taken place in Nigeria and some of these events have impacted the nation either positively or negatively. Here is a list of 15 noteworthy happenings in the history of Nigeria since 1914. CREATION OF NIGERIA (1914) The amalgamation of the northern and southern […]

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    10 Best Jon Snow Quotes from Game of Thrones

    No matter what Ygritte says, Jon Snow knows a few things. The bastard son of Ned Stark (or is he?) grew up in a household where he was welcomed by Ned and his half-siblings but not so much by Catelyn Stark. When the opportunity came to join the Night’s Watch at Castle Black, he saw […]

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    Top 5 Nigerian sportswomen in 2019

    Nigeria has a rich history of competing in sports, and these are the famous females that make that competition so exciting. Some of the best Nigerian female athletes in the world are listed below, some of who have represented Nigeria in the Olympics. Through sports, Women have been able to show that their passion and […]

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    5 Most Overrated Movies

    This is a controversial list based on my own opinion that will either make people love me or make people hate me? I mean probably a lot of things, but I’m going to write this list anyway. Before I begin, this is an opinion warning because you will more than likely have a different one […]

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    7 Nigerian Musicians and their mansions

    Many Nigerians are obsessed with Houses which is a reasonable thing as shelter is one of most important things in life. Out of the beautiful luxurious houses in Nigeria, we bring to you a list with pictures of your favorite musicians and there mansions that are definitely expensive. Kindly note the list is made up […]

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    11 Potential Contenders for the 2020 Academy Awards

    11 potential 2020 oscar winners

    The Academy Awards is the most prestigious and most sought after accolade an actor, filmmaker or anyone involved in the film industry could ever wish to receive. The 2019 edition while shocking in some areas was generally satisfying. We know it’s a bit – never mind, a lot too early to talk about the 2020 […]

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    4 Best Dressed Departments in Nigerian Universities

    In this article, we will be giving credits to departments in Nigerian universities who have put in a lot of work to making sure that there students are more presentable on campus and well cultured. They are well noticed and need no introduction when seen, cause their dressing and colors make them easy to Identify. […]