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    Sacred Texts of the World’s Major Religions

    Every religious group process sacred texts that instilling law, character and spirituality, and sometimes serve as a direction or guideline to the practice of said religion. These texts have gained credibility and authority through generations of use, ratification and enforcement. They differ from literary texts as they are often in form of compilation or discussion […]

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    5 Benefits of Earning Professional Certifications

    Which ever way acquired, education is a very important element in personal and professional growth. More essential to that growth is continuous learning, and professional certifications are key in this process because of how much advantages they can provide throughout your career. Certifications provide an opportunity to acquire updated knowledge and important industry insights which […]

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    12 Most Expensive Music Videos Ever

    Entertainment is a very competitive industry, and more so music. For some, especially big record labels with unlimited resources, making music is much more than just entertainment, it is serious business. Hence, to stay at the top, they pull out all the stops, including churning out huge huge budgets for image, production, music videos, promotion […]

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    Top 10 Countries With the Most National Holidays

    A national holiday is a day when most businesses and other institutions are closed. This day is acknowledged by the government and the public often to recognise history or observe religious celebrations. Several countries enjoy large number of national holidays, with some having as much as 18 yearly. This is because asides from the generally […]

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    8 Drastic Proofs of the Effects of Climate Change

    Whether we believe it or not, the world’s atmosphere is undergoing drastic changes as a result of constant release of greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxides and an outright neglect of the atmosphere.Satellites and other technological advances have enabled scientists to collect many different types of information about the planet and […]

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    10 Marketing Automation Trends to Know About in 2020

    According to the customer relationship management site Salesforce β€” marketing automation allows corporations to administer digital marketing strategies minus the monotonous hand operating gestures like pressing send for every email. In essence, it’s an across the board means of streamlining B2C (business to customer) communications As a result, in order to make it in the […]