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    5 Things You Should Know About Toro Entertainment Company (TEC)

    Toro Entertainment Company

    Since 2014, Toro Entertainment Company, the brand behind some of the most talked about entertainment events in recent years, has continued to deliver unmatched service delivery to its teeming partners, customers and other stakeholders. The company has decided to rebrand its corporate identity in 2019, to reflect its global outlook. The rebrand comes with a […]

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    7 common nail conditions and their causes

    Have you ever noticed white spots or lines on your nails, and just ignored it? well you shouldn’t. These conditions can go from minor issues to major health problems. Abnormal looking nails are a source for concern and may occur either as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle or a poor diet. Here are seven […]

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    4 Primary Passport Colours in The World

    There are four main colours used for passport covers all over the world and they include Red, Blue, Green and Black. You might think these colours are based on aesthetics but in reality, they have their different meaning significance. Below are the four main passport colours and their meanings. Red Red is the most common […]

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    10 Most Valuable National Teams

    Since Real Madrid purchased Cristiano Ronaldo fom Manchester United for a then world record fee of €80 million, transfer fees have continued ro rise. Neymar currently holds the record of the highest ever transfer fee with €222 million paid for him by PSG and with the way the transfer market is turning out, players could […]

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    7 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

    Today is No Bra Day, an annual observance on October 13, meant to encourage breast cancer awareness. Every minute, somewhere in the world, a woman dies from breast cancer and almost everyone knows someone experiencing or has experienced it before. Innovations are being made and breast cancer treatments keep getting better, but prevention is much better […]

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    Vector Vs M.I: A timeline of events

    Arguably two of the most talented rappers in Nigeria have been embroiled one of the most heated Hip Hop beefs in recent times. Both rappers have traded endless shots on diss tracks, social media and even on stage. But how did we get here? what is the timeline of events? Below are a series of […]

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    5 African leaders with more than one wife

    News broke out yesterday that President Muhammadu Buhari was set to take a second wife in the person of Sadia Farouq. Albeit fake, the news sent social media into a mania as everyone had something to say about it. Some questioned it, some condemned it while several others could care less. However, if truly President […]

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    Best lines from Vector Tha Viper’s “Judas the Rat”

    And so it continues, Vector has once again released another M.I diss track. This is Vector’s response to M.I’s The Viper released last Saturday and the rapper did not hold back on going personal, talking about some failures of chocolate City as well as M.I’s brother, rapper Jessy Jagz. Something tells me that this is […]

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    7 helpful Ways to Deal With Depression

    As the world celebrates #WorldMentalHealthDay today, awareness is being raised all over the world about mental health disorder and the importance of fighting depression and preventing suicides. The amount of depression and other mental health conditions is on the rise globally. According to the WHO, depression affects over 300 million people worldwide and at its […]